‘Survivor: Cagayan’: And then there were five

While we were pondering the Greatest Looming Question of the 21st Century (i.e. who will win “Survivor: Cagayan”?) and predicting that Kass McQuillen as most likely to be voted off the island (with 6 to 5 odds) followed by Yung “Woo” Hwang in second place with 4 to 1 odds, it was Tasha Fox who was ultimately sent packing, as she was not able to claim her fourth straight immunity challenge victory, and was finally left exposed without that coveted immunity necklace.

While our own Marcus Dixon didn’t win any points this week, he has had such a massive lead over the rest of the pack that he continues his reign over the Gold Derby users leaderboard with 31170 points ahead of up-and-comer Logan with 18576 points, closely followed by Dixon’s season-long arch nemesis pandemonium, with 18307 points.

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We’re now down to five players, and its is becoming more and more difficult to work out whether one of the power players can follow through and win this thing, or whether one of the stealthy dark horses will pounce at the finish line and take it all. Let’s take another look at how each of the contestants are faring as we near the ultimate final tribal council on May 21, where the winner will be announced.

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Tony Vlachos (Brawn)
Status: King Vlachos continued to wreak havoc in this game, cementing his place as the one to beat. Although he was on shaky ground for much of the episode (as “Kaos Kass” threatened to oust him from his throne), he ended up getting through another week as his alliance stayed strong, at least for now. Even with slings and arrows bombarding him from all fronts, he has a hidden immunity idol at his disposal, plus the “special powers” idol in his grasp, allowing him to play it after the votes are read out. With that kind of double safety net, it will take a huge blindside move to get rid of him at this point.
GoldDerby odds: 1/1 (now the equal frontrunner, up from third place)

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Kass McQuillen (Brains)
Status: Last week I said that I was almost ready to strip McQuillen of her status as a power player. How wrong I was. “Kaos Kass” is the only one that calls Vlachos on his lies and deceit, even if half the time, she mishears what Vlachos is saying. She seems to be enjoying her position as a troublemaker in camp, getting Woo to side with her and Bledsoe in a possible coup d’etat to oust Vlachos, until her last minute change of heart, which saw her revert to her original and much safer vote of ousting immunity challenge machine Tasha Fox. I said “Your move, Kass!” last week, and in some weird way, it appears she has taken that on board!
GoldDerby odds: 50/1 (equal last place)

Trish Hegarty (Brawn)
Status: As I mused last week, Hegarty is losing some of her spark, and is currently coasting on Vlachos’ coattails. But when Woo returned from the reward challenge midway through the episode, it was Hegarty that got the ball rolling by trying to get Woo to come clean on whether there was any strategy talk between him, McQuillen and Bledsoe. She is wily, so don’t discount her just yet.
GoldDerby odds: 50/1 (equal last place)

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Spencer Bledsoe (Brains)
Status: Last week, Bledsoe proved that he was a true Brain by cleverly sowing the seeds of doubt and paranoia in self-imposed tribe chief Vlachos and engineering the blindside that kept him in the game for another week. This week, Bledsoe did more of the same, but with his former tribesmate McQuillen changing her strategy at the last minute, his maneuvering didn’t pay off this time. This ultimate “Survivor” underdog is still fighting for his life, and even won immunity. So, he isn’t done yet, and if he can get through another week, watch out Vlachos.
GoldDerby odds: 1/1 (equal frontrunner)

Yung “Woo” Hwang (Brawn)
Status: Again, Woo doesn’t make strategic moves, but instead he either follows Vlachos around and does what he’s told, or buys whatever McQuillen is telling him and “considers” his options by voting how she tells him to vote. Woo is likeable, and at this stage of the game, only that will ultimately help him in this game. Can Woo make a bold move and knock out one of the power players? At this point, it doesn’t appear likely.
GoldDerby odds: 9/2 (third place)

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