‘Survivor Cagayan’: ‘Hateful’ Trish betrayed by cruel castaways – who’s next?

Can you say blindside? We were treated to yet another one on this week’s riveting penultimate episode of “Survivor: Cagayan.” 

Collectively, our users had been predicting that Kass McQuillen was the most likely to be voted off (with odds of 10 to 9), followed by Spencer Bledsoe at 5 to 1. However, they both rallied and it was power player Trish Hegarty who got the heave-ho. Indeed, the rest of the tribe turned against Hegarty, including her pal Tony Vlachos.

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We’re now at the pointy end of the season with four players —  two former Brains and two former Brawns — primed to snatch that million bucks and the title of sole survivor.

Let’s take one last look at how each of them are faring as we near the ultimate final tribal council on May 21 when we finally get the answer to the question of who’s better – Beauty, Brains or Brawn?

Tony Vlachos (Brawn)
Status: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – even though Vlachos played his hidden immunity idol, he still has the “special powers” idol in his grasp, allowing him to play it after the votes are read out. With that kind of safety net, it will take a huge move to get rid of him at this point.

He continued to show he is the true master of the game, winning the highly entertaining reward challenge, and easily sliding through another tribal council unscathed. Hate him as much as you want, but I have a feeling quite a few of the jury will respect his game enough to reward him if he is one of the last three standing.

GoldDerby odds: 5/1 (equal second place)

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Kass McQuillen (Brains)
Status: “Kaos Kass” kept it up this week, adding another nickname to her arsenal, care of Hegarty – “The Agitator”. And boy, did The Agitator stir things up, facing down Vlachos at camp for being a flip-flopping liar, and riling up her arch rival Hegarty, who tore Kass a new one while calling her out for being a troublemaker.

I’m not so sure the jury like Kass, or want to vote for her after witnessing her play a pretty messy game. Flipping Hegarty the bird as she did her walk of shame out of tribal council was a little heartless too. And not very smart.

GoldDerby odds: 50/1 (last place)

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Spencer Bledsoe (Brains)
Status: Bledsoe is getting better and better, and his triumph at the immunity challenge was definitely the high point of his game so far. This allowed him to sit back and watch the unholy alliance of the other four tear each other apart. At this point, if I was a jury member, I would be voting for this one-time underdog who has cemented himself as the deserving nice guy whose game has improved every day.

GoldDerby odds: 1/2 (the frontrunner)

Yung “Woo” Hwang (Brawn)
Status: Woo is very likeable, and at this stage of the game, that will help him move forward. Last week I asked whether Woo might make a bold move and knock out one of the power players, and finally, he has started to play the game properly, being instrumental in voting off contender Hegarty and keeping his cards close to his chest. He appears to have finally realised that riding on Vlachos’ coat tails might not be in his interest, and that playing his own game is the way to go. Welcome to “Survivor: Cagayan,” Woo!

GoldDerby odds: 5/1 (equal second place)

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