‘Survivor: Cagayan’: Brawn blindside beats Brains and Beauty

We were treated to another classic “Survivor” blindside this week, as former Beauty tribesman LJ McKanas bit the dust. And it was none other than power player Tony Vlachos that was instrumental in manipulating almost every other player in the game to ensure one of his biggest threats was wiped out with relatively little effort.

 Our predictions inexplicably had Vlachos as the most likely to be voted off with odds of 6/5, followed by Jeremiah Wood (6/1) and immunity winner Tasha Fox (4/1).

Among our Users predicting the various events on this week’s episode, our intrepid Editor Marcus Dixon has surpassed last week’s leader pandamonium with an incredible 28677 points.

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So, with Vlachos controlling this game, who else might challenge his dominance at the strategic side of this game? In other words, who are the power players? At this stage of the game, with eight players left battling it out for the one million dollar cash prize and the title of Sole Survivor, we take a look at where each player stands, and how well each of the three original tribes based on Brains, Beauty and Brawn, have fared.

Will the current power players continue their dominance of the social game? Will one of the dark horses throw down the gauntlet? Or will one of the two Beauties that are flying under the radar make a shocking power play to turn this game upside down?

Photo Gallery: ‘Survivor’ Winners (Seasons 1 – 27) 


Tony Vlachos (Brawn)
Strength Tony is one of the more strategic players we have seen in a while. He appears to be squarely focused on each next move.
Weakness He says what he wants to say, often without any filter between brain and mouth. That makes him a target.
GoldDerby odds 28/1

Kass McQuillen (Brains)
Strength There’s no doubt wily lawyer Kass is no dummy. She is also happy to turn on former alliances in the interests of self preservation.
Weakness I detect a temper here, so Kass needs to keep her emotions in check when making decisions.
GoldDerby odds 40/1

Trish Hegarty (Brawn)
Strength Trish is a fierce competitor and does not suffer fools. The other players want to keep her around to do some of their dirty work.
Weakness Likeability is a problem for Trish. Players might want to bring her to the end to increase their chances at winning, but can they stand her for the remainder of their time in camp?
GoldDerby odds 12/1

Photo Gallery: “Survivor: Cagayan” Cast


Woo Hwang (Brawn)
Strength Woo is likeable, physically dominant and an easy ally to the more scheming players.
Weakness But he’s a huge threat to win this game. If it were me playing this game, he’d be out.
GoldDerby odds 3/1

Tasha Fox (Brains)
Strength Tasha is inoffensive and a useful member of the tribe that can make up the numbers.
Weakness She hasn’t yet staked her claim as a real contender, and could end up as cannon fodder.
GoldDerby odds 1/100

Spencer Bledsoe (Brains)
Strength Spender has tried so hard to stay afloat in this game, and was even able to sneakily claim his own immunity idol.
Weakness Unless he plays that immunity idol strategically, he doesn’t have too many friends in the game and so he needs to watch his back.
GoldDerby odds 1/2

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Jefra Bland (Beauty)
Strength Jefra has the mild mannered, sweet little girl act down to a tee. People might be looking elsewhere when deciding who gets the boot.
Weakness How much longer can Jefra slide through on her looks and charm? Jury is (literally) out.
GoldDerby odds 4/1

Jeremiah Wood (Beauty)
Strength Physically, Jeremiah might have a shot at some individual immunity.
Weakness But so far, he hasn’t really impressed much in challenges, and is on the outer amongst his competitors.
GoldDerby odds 14/1

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