‘Survivor: Cagayan’: Will Brains beat Beauty and Brawn in endgame?

Although our predictions had sweetheart Beauty Jefra Bland as the most likely to be voted off with “Survivor: Cagayan” odds of 8/5, it was her former Beauty Tribesman Jeremiah Wood that bared the brunt of more big moves from the game’s power players. And Wood’s one-time ally Spencer Bledsoe played that hard-fought immunity idol for nought, in a mistaken attempt to save himself in the game.

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As we hurtle towards the final showdown in a few weeks’ time, we will take a look at how each of the contestants are faring week to week before the ultimate final tribal council on May 21, where the winner will be announced.

Will the current power players continue their dominance of the social game? Will one of the dark horses throw down the gauntlet? Or are the players currently under the radar going to make a sudden bold move?

Photo Gallery: ‘Survivor’ Winners (Seasons 1 – 27) 


Tony Vlachos (Brawn)
Status: Vlachos is still the guy to beat. Yes, he’s a scheming backstabber likely to be targetted by a jealous and bitter jury, but it looks like everyone in the game knows that he is playing the best game. And now he has the “special powers” idol in his grasp, allowing him to play it after the votes are read out.
GoldDerby odds: 40/1

Trish Hegarty (Brawn)
Status: Hegarty wasn’t as vocal this week, but was still instrumental in luring Bland back into the fold, “calling out” Vlachos in front of the alliance to allay any fears and concerns Bland and the othersmight have had about his honesty and trustworthiness. Hegarty is switched on. She’s one to watch for sure.
GoldDerby odds: 40/1

Kass McQuillen (Brains)
Status: It was tempting to relegate McQuillen to the Dark Horses this week, as she took a back seat to Hegarty and Vlachos in the strategy stakes. But don’t forget, it was McQuillen who noted that “she can read people”, convincing her alliance that Bledsoe was holding an idol. How right she was.
GoldDerby odds: 28/1

Photo Gallery: “Survivor: Cagayan” Cast


Woo Hwang (Brawn)
Status: Hwang literally fell on his backside this week as he tumbled out of a papaya tree. Apart from that, and drawing some votes at tribal council, Hwang still hasn’t asserted himself as a real contender; he should be more of a threat in immunity challenges.
GoldDerby odds: 19/10

Tasha Fox (Brains)
Status: One thing is clear. Tasha Fox is a machine. Two weeks in a row, the unassuming former Brain Tribeswoman wins individual immunity against more physical opponents. If she keeps this up, she’ll overcome the serious handicap of being part of a minority alliance.
GoldDerby odds: 9/2

Spencer Bledsoe (Brains)
Status: Poor Bledsoe tried to make a big move, playing his immunity idol in the belief that his head was on the chopping block. It ended up being a wasted play, as his ally Wood met his fate instead. Bledsoe appears to be on shaky ground, unless the previews for next week are to be believed; will he manipulate Vlachos into making a false step?
GoldDerby odds: 3/2

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Jefra Bland (Beauty)
Status: Bland is almost a dark horse these days, as her charm is allowing her to get through this game, even as she flips alliances and then changes her mind hours later. Hand shakes don’t seem to matter much for Bland, and at this point, she still looks like the next most likely to go unless she can start making some bold moves herself. 
GoldDerby odds: 16/1

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