‘Survivor: Cagayan’ smackdown: Kass McQuillen vs. Morgan McLeod

Kass McQuillen continued to cause havoc on “Survivor: Cagayan” this week as she declared herself a free agent. Last week, she had abandoned her alliance with the Brains tribe and defended that betrayal. She continued to try to manipulate various players, with only limited success.

Tasked with keeping an eye on Spencer Bledsoe, she failed to spot him hiding the newly discovered immunity idol. And she was the first to falter in the individual immunity challenge. 

Perhaps bolstered by his success at finding the immunity idol, Bledsoe also succeeded in winning immunity for himself in the challenge, by outlasting Tasha Fox on the balance beam. 

At tribal council, Fox found herself in the sights of the loose alliance led by Woo Hwang, who tagged her as the fallback if their primary target — Morgan McLeod — was given the immunity idol. 

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Bledsoe failed in his efforts to get McQuillen to join his alliance and axe Tony Vlachos from the game. In the end, she went for McLeod who had her torch snuffed. 

Our predictions once again had Jeremiah Wood as the most likely to be voted off with odds of 14/5, followed by McQuillen (10/3) and then evenutal ejectee McLeod (4/1). While we predicted Fox would falter (11/2), we were swayed by the wily ways of Vlachos who had odds of only 17/2 to be booted. See more predictions here

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Among our users predicting the various events on this week’s episode, pandamonium scored a leading 3786 points with savvy placement of the extra 100 point bet; that moves him into third on the overall leaderboardMagic 8 Ball got 2750 points while Logan earned 2169.

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