‘Survivor’ poll: Who do you hate most – Morgan, Tony or Kass?

Help, “Survivor” fans! I can’t decide who I loath the most on Cagayan island — and there are too many despicable choices!

When this “Survivor” season began, it was easy. Tony Vlachos exulted in being a plotting, duplicitous creep as he lied to fellow cop Sarah Lacina about Cliff Robinson and Lindsey Ogle conspiring against her. When Tony pledged his undying loyalty to Sarah, he did so on their badges, then snickered privately to TV viewers, “It means nothing. You can swear on your kids, your family, dead grandmother. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just words.”

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Then Morgan McLeod emerged as a big-boobed, small-brained brat deserving of a special hot place in “Survivor” hell. She established herself early on as lazy, whiny and, worst of all, incompetent. When she opted to go for a chance at an immunity idol instead of a guaranteed extra bag of rice for her tribe, OK, fine, but she screwed that up and didn’t even find the idol. Can’t wait for her to be booted off that isle.

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Now Kass McQuillen is really getting on my nerves. Talk about lazy! To her mind, everybody’s lazy. And they’re suckers, too, if they believe what she says. When she shook hands with Spencer Bledsoe, she confessed to the camera that she didn’t mean it: “We can do our stupid handshake, I don’t care. It’s game on. As long as it’s not me.”

At first I liked Trish Hegarty. Now I find her annoying. Enough! I’m done bitching. Let’s hear your views in the comments section below and please give us your vote in our poll.


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