‘Survivor: Cagayan’ poll: After power struggle in Episode 6, who’s calling the shots now?

Well, well, well “Survivor” fans! This week’s episode, “Head of the Snake,” really delivered!

Twists and turns aplenty, a delightful power struggle between cop Sarah Lacina and lawyer Kass McQuillen and a showdown at a riverting tribal council, where immunity idols were played by both schemer Tony Vlachos and former beauty tribesman LJ McKanas.

In the end, “Princess Sarah” Lacina, who was blindsided by her tribe mates, was voted off by a single vote after McQuillen was convinced by power player Trish Hegarty to flip and cut off the proverbial head of the snake.

Our odds were a little off, as we thought the most likely to get the boot would be Jeremiah Wood with odds of 19/10, followed by the scheming Vlachos (2/1). Wood, however, sailed on through, completely under the radar, while Vlachos staked his claim as a real power player, and one to look out for in the coming weeks. See more predictions here

To make your predictions as to the outcome of the next episode — click here. Or start off at the bottom of this post by predicting who will be the ultimate champ. You can win prizes that include a personal chat via webcam with “Survivor” host Jeff Probst plus a $100 Amazon gift certificate. 

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And vote in our poll below about who you think now holds the power in the game.

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