Good riddance to wackadoodle J’Tia Taylor on ‘Survivor: Cagayan’ – Who’s next?

Well, finally that wackadoodle J’Tia Taylor got her due — she got hurled off “Survivor: Cagayan” by her tribemates with the same oomph that she tossed their rice in the fire. Two mysteries surround that comeuppance: why didn’t it happen earlier and why didn’t you see it coming?

After all, J’Tia was lazy, bossy, ineffectual (it was pathetic watching her dive into the water again and again this week, coming up with nothing during immunity challenge) and selfish from the start of this season of “Survivor.” Last week our users predicted J’Tia would get the boot, but, alas, it turned out to be Brice Johnston.

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This week Gold Derby’s official racetrack odds were wrong again as you gave Cliff Robinson best odds to exit (13 to 5), followed by Tony Vlachos (9 to 2) and, alas, J’Tia (5 to 1). Check out this page to see the odds week to week and how the contenders are ranked to be the ultimate champ. “Woo” Hwang is out front with 5 to 2 odds.

What happens next week when the three tribes merge into two? Which human gets sacrificed to “Survivor’s” TV ratings’ gods? Cast your votes here and compete in our contest to win prizes that include $100 Amazon Gift Certificate and your own webcam chat with host Jeff Probst. Learn more.

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