‘Survivor: Cagayan’ poll: Was Lindsey right or wrong to quit in episode five?

There were lots of tears shed on “Survivor: Cagayan” this week.

Dreadlocked Lindsey Ogle walked off the show after brawling with Trish Hegarty. Then beauty queen Alexis Maxwell was ousted at tribal council and sobbed as she sauntered away, disappointed that she didn’t make it further in the game.

Once again, our racterack odds came close to predicting both of their departures. Our users had them, as well as Morgan McLeod, as the most likely to get the boot this week. 

However, with Solana winning immunity, Lindsey would not have faced elimination at tribal council. Was she right or wrong to throw in the towel?

Survivor: Cagayan’ contest: Did you predict exit of Alexis Mitchell?

Vote in our poll below and be sure to make your predictions as to next week’s episode here.  

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