‘Survivor: Cagayan’ outrage? Will Morgan McLeod be axed just ’cause she’s gorgeous?

Beware, “Survivor: Cagayan” fans: Good looks aren’t everything. Gold Derby’s users are giving ex-NFL cheerleader Morgan McLeod the best odds (7 to 4) to be booted off the show tonight.

Small wonder: she often behaves like a spoiled, lazy diva with a sense of entitlement. Consider her comment at the start of this competition: “I could be the final Survivor because when I want something I get it.” She sought to be on the show because she wants “to show everyone that just because I have huge boobs and a pretty face does not mean I am dumb. It just means I look better when I am winning.”

Or maybe our posters believe she’ll get axed because other castaways are, frankly, jealous of her?

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But maybe she really has nothing to worry about. Last week our users predicted Cliff Robinson would go bye-bye instead the person who got bounced at “Survivor” tribal council: J’Tia Taylor. This week Robinson is in second place to exit, with 9/2 odds.

For the second week in a row, Woo Hwang has the best odds (11 to 5) to be the last survivor standing. See our full list of odds here.

Below: Matt Noble and I chat with Grant “Pandamonium” Gatpandan (#2 score among our users’ “Survivor” predictions) about current state of the competition. See our “Survivor” score leaderboards. Where do you rank on the list?

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