‘Survivor’: Who’ll be axed next – Morgan, Lindsey or Alexis?

Is it bye-bye time on “Survivor” for Morgan McLeod, Lindsey Ogle or Alexis Maxwell? Those three contestants have the best odds to get the boot at next tribal council, according to Gold Derby racetrack odds: Morgan at 3 to 2, Lindsey at 21 to 10 and Alexis at 11 to 2.

Morgan may be most vulnerable because it was recently revealed to her team mates that, when she arrived on the island, she opted for a chance to snag an immunity idol instead of getting a guaranteed bag of extra rice for her tribe. Worse, she failed to find the idol.

Overall, Morgan comes across as selfish, vain and lazy. When she started the show, she wanted “to show everyone that just because I have huge boobs and a pretty face does not mean I am dumb. It just means I look better when I am winning.” However, she hasn’t proved pivotal in the winning of anything yet and she’s often a huge factor in her tribe losing challenges.

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Lindsey may be vulnerable because she’s now so brazenly overt about scheming. As Jeff Probst notes, the tattoo-stamped salon owner from Kokomo, Indiana, desperately wants to be noticed.

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That characteristic can be fatal when playing the “Survivor” game. One of the key reasons Woo Ywang has the best odds (13 to 5) to be the last survivor standing is because he initially kept a low, humble profile, seemed likable and has the athletic skills to win tough challenges. However, he recently got caught up in the intrigue surrounding the ouster of Cliff Robinson, hiking his odds (25 to 1) to be booted off Cagayan island next.


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