‘Survivor: Cagayan’ predictions: Kass or Woo will get the boot next

When it comes to the Greatest Looming Question of the 21st Century — who will win “Survivor: Cagayan “? — I’m whipping up a rooting section: Anybody But Tony! Who’s with me?

Tony Vlachos is actually proud to be a weasel; he exults in lying to his castaways. Will he finally get his due this week? No, according to the racetrack odds generated by Gold Derby predictions. Kass McQuillen will be voted off the island (6 to 5 odds). Yung “Woo” Hwang is in second place with 4 to 1 odds. See full odds breakdown here.

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Good news: Our readers only give Tony 22-to-1 odds to win the game. Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox are tied for having the best odds to prevail: 15 to 8.

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24Emmy: Now hopefully Kass flips back to the brains and helps vote out Woo next week. Tony uses his idol.

SxECanadianFanSxE: Tony can’t sit still! And he’s already bought himself a place in the next all-stars season regardless of what happens next. I wouldn’t mind any of the six winning as they all have various arguments of why they deserve to be there. I think Woo has a hard time with the jury, unless he’s sitting beside Kass and Trish, but the others have a good route to a million dollars. Speaking of Trish, I think she played a very underrated game up until last week when she let Tony run the show again. I assume she finally turns on him. Aren’t there three episodes left? If there are, we may finally be getting our final two back! Either way, Tony will be in the final four (and the final episode), so I’m sure it will be an explosive finale. Survivor is on a hot streak! 

oopschoice: Tony’s paranoia got the best of him. He didn’t need to blindside another member of his alliance when he has a special idol that guarantees his safety for one voting round, not to mention that he also has a normal idol. It was an unnecessary move that produced another bitter juror who could vote against him in the end. It also means one step further for Spencer whom he will have a hard time beating at the final TC. Trish played a quiet game, but a very good social game. It seems she is well-liked by everyone who makes the merge. I loved when Trish called out Tony in front of Jefra in order to convince her to stay with the group. She could be a threat to win if not up against Spencer and/or Tasha in the end.

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