True ‘Survivor’ victory? Woo got to walk away FEELING like a million bucks

Yung “Woo” Hwang didn’t win the million-dollar prize on “Survivor: Cagayan,” but he tells Gold Derby he “got to walk away with his chin up high feeling like a million bucks” because he championed an honorable code of conduct on the TV series. Now he hopes he’s regarded as a hero to kids in Newport Beach, California, where he operates a Korean gym.

But why didn’t he take Kass McQuillen to the finale instead of Tony Vlachos? Many “Survivor” observers believe he could’ve won.

“Taking Kass for me was too easy,” he says. “I didn’t think the jury would respect that. It’s a tough thing. You live the moment. You work off instincts and my gut instincts told me, ‘Take the best player, the deserving player and shoot it out with the best.'”

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