‘Survivor: Cagayan’ results: J’Tia Taylor is most-hated castaway

The good news for “Survivor: Cagayan’s” J’Tia Taylor? She’s a nuclear engineer.

The bad news? You just voted her as this season’s most-hated castaway.

Being the most-hated anything is never something to aspire to, but we’re hoping J’Tia takes the [dis]honor in stride. After all, no one made her throw out all of her tribe’s rice. That bit of drama came to her directly from the “Survivor” gods and gave us one of Season 28’s most DVR’ed moments so far. Even if she fails to win the title of Sole Survivor, she’ll still go down in reality TV history for her crazy antics.

J’Tia not only topped our poll for this season’s most-hated castaway with 45% of your vote, but the Brains Tribe‘s resident rice-thrower also has the lowest chance to win “Survivor: Cagayan” with 50/1 odds (tied with Kass McQuillen).

In other words, don’t hold your breath that this Chicago, IL native will make it to the merge, let alone to the finale.

Besides J’Tia, the castaways you also hate include lying cop Tony Vlachos (Brawn Tribe) who received 17% of your votes and rude hairstylist Lindsey Ogle (Brawn Tribe) who reaped 7%.

Do you agree with the results of our poll that J’Tia is this season’s most-hated castaway? Do you think she will go home this week?

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