Poll: Who’s to blame for ‘Survivor’ fight – Trish or Lindsey?

Lindsey Ogle stomped off “Survivor” because “I can’t have someone antagonizing me anymore,” she cried to Jeff Probst at night on the beach. She was referring, of course, to Trish Hegarty, who went all gonzo on her when they returned from tribal council.

Some witnesses may think Lindsey started the fight because she fumed to her tribal partners, “You all screwed up majorly!” after they voted Cliff Robinson off Cagayan. She and Cliff had been BFF, so she was understandably upset. At least Lindsey didn’t counter by attacking the others in a vicious personal way.

But that’s what Trish did when she lashed out in response. “Let me make this clear to you moving forward,” she growled at Lindsey. “I will respect you but I don’t like you!”

Huh? It’s obvious that Trish had no respect at all for Lindsey and was burying a hatchet in her heart. But why? Why didn’t Trish offer to console Lindsey during her grieving process instead? Trish’s substitute cruelty only invited retaliation and, worse, escalation.

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“You disgust me!” Lindsey replied. “Everything about you is annoying – your laugh, your teeth, your face. I think you’re terrible. I think you may be the most horrific person I ever met in my entire life!”

Yes, Lindsey obviously went too far, but – let’s be honest — she was initially pushed by Trish. Lindsey was tired, hungry and upset by the loss of her pal Cliff. Let’s show some compassion, eh? Or no?

OK, who do you side with? Yes, you must take sides.

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