‘Survivor’ predictions: Why we think Baylor Wilson can (and should) win the $1 million

Here at Gold Derby, our Editors often engage in lively battles and strong disagreements over who’s out front to win reality TV and awards shows. That’s why it’s so strange to see Editor Matt Noble and I actually in agreement for once. When it comes to the current 29th season of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” we both think that 20-year-old Baylor Wilson, a student at Belmont University, has what it takes to be the ultimate Survivor and win the $1 million prize.

If Baylor does claim victory, she will join the ranks of only 12 other female winners. Compare that total to the 16 male winners who’ve won and it’s clear women are outnumbered on the list of who’s outwitted, outplayed and outlasted over the past 28 seasons. (See our complete photo gallery of past “Survivor” winners below.)

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Marcus: Hey Matt! (Or should it be “Hey Mate” since you hail from the land Down Under?) “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” is well underway, and oddly enough we are both picking the same person to win the season. Why are you casting your vote for Baylor?

Matt: Having to support her mother, Missy Payne, through relationship hardships has likely given Baylor a life experience and perception that can aid her in the game, despite her youth. She has been able to be on the right side off all her votes (despite some close calls). If she makes the merge she will not be perceived as a threat if she can get to the merge and will have options to work with people on the other tribe.

Marcus: Baylor was actually my initial pick before I watched the premiere. I got a good feeling about her when I watched her intro video at CBS.com. How many weeks/episodes have you been picking Baylor to win?

Matt: I picked her after the first episode. Seeing her work with the women but then switching to vote with the men and work with Josh Canfield showed a malleability and perception that appeared promising.

Marcus: In the second episode, Baylor was almost voted off in that tie vote against Val Collins, but luckily she survived during the re-vote. Does the fact that she’s been so close to elimination help her or hurt her?

Matt: There could be a tribe switch soon, so the numbers are going to shift anyway. The big plus is that the tie vote should keep her awake and she’ll be more on her guard going forward into the game.

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Marcus: Something I keep coming back to is the fact that the last time “Survivor” did the Blood vs. Water twist, a daughter (Ciera) ended up voting out her mother (Laura) to help her go further in the game. Do you think Baylor could actually vote out her mom Missy if it came down to it?

Matt: I think she would and like Ciera she’d probably tell her mum beforehand to avoid a blindside. It will no doubt be a hard decision to make for her.

Marcus: Final thoughts: If Baylor ends up being eliminated this week, who will be your new #1 pick to win?

Matt: It will largely depend on how the upcoming tribe swap turns out, but Josh has been shown to be making moves and has a good handle of the game, so him.

Marcus: I agree that Josh would the frontrunner if Baylor is voted out. Ugh, how boring of us to keep agreeing with each other!

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Among those predicting last week’s results, our user seano25 scored the most points for Episode 4. Second place was benutty and third place went to Ryan Lapierre.

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