‘Survivor’ castoff Dale Wentworth on Baylor feud: ‘I reminded her of her mom’s exes’

After getting his torch snuffed on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” Dale Wentworth sat down with Gold Derby to discuss his relatively short time on the island. Dale opened up about that epic feud with Baylor Wilson, whether he knew Jeff Probst offered rice to the opposite tribe and if he would have voted out daughter Kelley Wentworth to further himself in the game.

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Below, our Q&A with “Survivor’s” latest castoff.

Dale, you went out fighting, didn’t you? I don’t recall someone ever trying so hard to stay in the game. Are you proud that you never gave up?

Yes, Kelley and I both agreed we would quit under no circumstances. We would fight until Jeff snuffed the torch out.

When it came time for Jeff to read the votes, did you know 100% you were going home? Or did you think there could be a small chance that Jon and Jaclyn were joining you in voting off Missy?

I pretty much resigned myself that I was going out. At one point I reached down and grabbed my bag before Jeff even finished reading the votes.

What was it about Baylor that made it so you two just couldn’t get along?

You’ll have to ask Baylor. She didn’t like me from the very first day. Maybe I reminded her of one of her mom’s exes.

You actually followed your daughter Kelley out the “Survivor” door, but how long was it until you actually got to see her?

I saw her the same night I was voted out.

Last week, we asked Kelley if she would ever vote you out to make it further in the game… and she said yes. Same question to you: If voting out your daughter meant you would have lasted longer, would you have done it?

Yes, if it would have come down to Kelley and I and I had the stronger alliance, then I would have voted Kelley out since there’s only one sole Survivor.

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If you and Kelley had made it to the merge, do you think both of you could have survived to the very end?

I don’t know if we could have made it to the very end, but I think we were both confident in our alliances that we would have made it to at least the top 7 or 8. We had some strong alliances that would have allowed us to go deep in the game.

As a long-time “Survivor” fan, what aspect of the game surprised you the most?

How hard it really was. Twenty hours in you realize this is really going to hurt. It’s no longer a game. That and the lack of sleep. I was surprised at how little you get.

Did you have any idea what was going on over at the Hunahpu tribe regarding Jeff visiting their camp and trading out their comfort for rice? From the way the episode was edited, it wasn’t clear if your Coyopa tribe was ever made privy to that.

No, we had absolutely no idea to the drama that was going on over in Hunahpu. If I had, I would have been asking Jeff for my own wish list.

Pretending to have a fake Immunity idol was a genius move. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for your game, but did you at least get to keep that piece of memorabilia?

Yes, I have the fake Idol along with a few other souvenirs and eventually they will make it to my desk.

Out of all the remaining castaways, Who do you think is playing the best game?

I like Wes Nale and Josh Canfield. Josh is playing a more strategic game but I can see Wes being more of a physical threat once the individual immunities start.

Thanks Dale!

Thank you!

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