‘Survivor’ castoff Drew Christy: I was delusional for throwing a challenge; however … (Podcast)

“It was definitely wrong of me to try to throw a challenge. I was definitely delusional,” admitted Drew Christy to Gold Derby during our Q&A following his elimination from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” (Listen to the complete audio podcast below.)

However, he added, “There was a lot of stuff that happened out there that the audience really didn’t get to see. Jon Misch and Jeremy Collins and Natalie Anderson all knew that I threw that challenge. They were all on my side to throw that and we kind of made a game plan to do that before I even went to Exile.”

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Since Drew was portrayed as the “ladies man” of the season, we just had to ask him which of this season’s ladies would he most want to go on a date with?

“That’s a good question,” laughed Drew. “Honestly, none of them were really my type. I really got close to the twinnies, I love their personality. The rest of the chicks weren’t really my type, I gotta tell you the honest truth. Jaclyn Schultz is really pretty but I think she was a little bit soft-spoken for me. I’m kind of a loud guy, if you hadn’t noticed. I need something that can kind of keep up.”

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Here are a few other fun nuggets from our Q&A with Drew:

*He wished he would have watched more episodes of “Survivor” prior to starting the game (just like his nemesis Kelley did), because he now knows that throwing a challenge never works out.

*His scariest animal encounter was waking up with a “six-inch praying mantis” on his chest one night.

*Drew’s mom just wanted him and brother Alec Christy to still love each other after the game, as she was worried they would butt heads on the show.

*During one of the challenge battles, Drew actually beat John Rocker head-to-head; however, the the scene was edited to appear as though Drew lost.

Below, listen to the audio podcast of our Q&A with Drew. To subscribe to our podcast feed, go to the iTunes store and do a search for “Gold Derby” so you don’t miss any lively shows ahead.

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