‘Survivor’ recap: ‘Kingpin’ Drew Christy stupidly throws Immunity challenge, gets booted

Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” was all about the rise and fall of Drew Christy. Calling himself a kingpin and badass at various points throughout the hour, the self-described “ladies man” took it upon himself to throw the Immunity challenge because he wanted to get out some of his tribe’s “snakes.”

Unfortunately for Drew, that meant he unwittingly became his own snake wrangler by episode’s end. Scroll down for our entire recap of Episode 4, “We’re a Hot Mess.”

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After last week’s Tribal Council, the Coyopa tribe returned to camp where Alec Christy revealed to Dale Wentworth that the reason Dale was left in the dark about blindsiding John Rocker was because they weren’t sure what Dale would have done with that information. Dale conceded later that he was feeling a bit too comfortable with his all-guys alliance and realized that he would need to improve his social game.

Meanwhile, over at Hunahpu, Natalie Anderson found the tribe’s missing flint from Episode 2 right next to the fire. Drew decided to use the flint to try to trade back for the fishing gear they’d previously given up. “This is fantastic,” Jeff Probst said, grinning ear to ear before ordering them to put the flint away, as they’d already made their trade.

During the reward challenge, Jon Misch battled against his girlfriend Jaclyn Schultz in a grappling hook/basketball fight for comfort. Jaclyn gave a great come-from-behind performance, but Jon ended up beating his blonde lover and sending her to Exile Island. Jon decided to send Drew to Exile to join Jaclyn, saying that Drew was good at pulling his own weight, then added, “Unless you’re napping.”

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Jeff reminded the Coyopa tribe that they’ve now lost every challenge save for a single reward comp, leaving Alec to wonder whether or not he’s a member of potentially the worst tribe in “Survivor” history.

Over at Exile, Drew told Jaclyn that he had decided to throw the next Immunity challenge because there were “snakes” on his tribe that needed to be sent home, much to her delight. Cue the foreshadowing.

Back at the Hunahpu tribe, when Keith Nale couldn’t find the hidden Immunity idol, he made a huge blunder by telling the tribe that Jeremy Collins had it, thereby breaking his firefighter alliance with Jeremy. But hours later, Keith dug around once again by the water and found the idol himself. Talk about a bittersweet victory for Keith, who may hold power in his hands but now looks like a liar.

The Immunity challenge was a water obstacle course that ended with a ring toss. True to his word, Drew threw the challenge by purposely missing the hooks and failing to adhere to Jeff’s rules that you must hook one ring before you move on to the next. “If I don’t want to win, we’re not going to win, and that’s what makes me the kingpin of my tribe,” said Drew. Cocky much?

In one of the greatest post-Immunity scrambles in “Survivor” history, there were four people potentially on the chopping block: Kelley for being a potential mastermind, Julie for being a strong woman without a loved one, Keith for betraying Jeremy’s trust and Drew for being Drew. But when the votes were tabulated, the person sent home with five votes was Drew. So much for being the kingpin.

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