Betrayals and blindsides lead Natalie Anderson to ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ victory

After 39 days in San Juan del Sur, Natalie Anderson was finally crowned the sole “Survivor” of Season 29 Wednesday night. But she had to get her hands dirty in the process.

In the two-hour finale, Natalie used her hidden Immunity idol to save Jaclyn Schultz, thereby ensuring that her BFF Baylor Wilson got the boot instead. Then, Natalie helped convince Jaclyn that Keith Nale was the biggest threat with the jury, so the Louisiana firefighter was sent packing.

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Natalie, Jaclyn and Missy Payne were the Final 3, with Natalie earning five jury votes, Jaclyn receiving two and Missy nabbing only her daughter’s vote.

The final jury proceedings mostly went off without a hitch, except for one moment when Reed Kelly called Missy the “Wicked Stepmother” and attacked her gameplay. That outburst resulted in cheers from the live CBS studio audience and tears from Baylor.

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Jeff Probst revealed that Season 30 will be dubbed “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and feature an all-American cast made up of White Collars, Blue Collars and No Collars. The new season will premiere Wednesday, Feb. 25 on CBS. (Too bad they didn’t go for any of our “craziest, most inventive” ideas for Season 30.)

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