‘Survivor’ contest: Our Top 10 user on why we’ll miss John Rocker

Will the demise of John Rocker from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” bring about the end of this season’s villainous, eye-rolling, dramatic chaos? One of our Top 10 contest leaders think so.

“You always need people like this to keep the show entertaining,” says current Top 10 contest user Danny (known as is2gucci in our world-famous forums), a 23-year-old Texas real estate manager originally from New York. With John gone, who does Danny think fits the bill for our next “Survivor” villain? Read his recent Q&A with Gold Derby to find out.

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Besides John Rocker, which other contestant this season do you hate?

This season, hmm, hard to say who I “hate,” maybe more “dislike,” and it would be Drew Christy. But as of right now, there’s no one to hate quite like Phillip Sheppard (“Redemption Island,” “Caramoan”).

And who do you love?

“Love” would also be “like” and as of right now and it would be Kelley Wentworth, Keith Nale, Missy Payne and Alec Christy. Almost everyone is really likeable at this point, and I probably will make some decisions on “love” later.

How long have you been watching “Survivor”?

I have been watching for a while now, since Season 12 in Panama. But I have gone back and watched a couple of the older seasons before Season 12.

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Do you have a favorite former castaway and season?

My favorite former contestant would definitely have to be Parvati Shallow and season would have to be “Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites,” with all the blindsides and the first time an all-girl alliance actually worked. Also, Natalie and Parvati’s relationship was hilarious.

Tell us how you predicted the vote-off of Val Collins last week?

It’s obvious that the guys were going to team up, but not even that, Val is the typical “first boot” and to be honest I was surprised when she didn’t go first. Tribes usually vote out the biggest or oldest person on the tribe so I just figured if they kept losing, which it seems like they are going to lose again, Val was leaving sometime soon.

Did you also predict this week’s elimination of John Rocker?

I did not think John was going. I know the preview hinted at them wanting to do this move, but they always hint at things like this that never happen. I really thought if Hunahpu lost it would be Julie McGee and if Coyopa lost again the guys were just going to stick together and vote out Jaclyn Schultz.

What about next week? Who’s going home?

If Hunahpu loses I’m going to saw Drew. And if Coyopa loses I will say Jaclyn.

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