‘Survivor’ recap shocker: John Rocker called out for racism, threatens violence

Warning: Spoilers for “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” are below!

“If you were a man, I would knock your teeth out!” shouted “Survivor” castaway John Rocker on Episode 3 of “San Juan del Sur: Blood vs. Water.” Oh John, will you never learn?

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Apparently not, as the controversial MLB player was sent packing this week after a blindside at Tribal Council that saw him exit with a hidden Immunity Idol still in his pocket. Guess what, John? You were beaten by a girl. Two of them, in fact: Baylor Wilson and Jaclyn Schultz. Ouch.

The episode began with John admitting at the reward challenge to Jeremy Collins that he tried everything he could to save his wife Val Collins, but was overruled by his alliance. Wow, what a mistake that was. If only John could have had the foresight to predict the outcome of that revelation, he probably wouldn’t have said it. Nah, on second thought, he would have still said it, as he clearly doesn’t care what comes out of his own mouth.

Wes Nale won the reward challenge against his father Keith Nale, thereby securing Wes’ Coyopa tribe its first challenge win of the season. Wes then chose Josh Canfield to join his father Keith at Exile Island, where Keith agreed to share his clue to the hidden Immunity Idol with Josh. A funny thing happened at Exile, where Keith (a conservative southerner) had to share the island with Josh (a gay New Yorker). “He seems like a good ol’ boy, just not my good ol’ boy,” joked Keith. “I just don’t see many Joshes in Louisiana.”

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At the Immunity challenge, history repeated itself as the Hunahpu tribe won its third in a row, becoming undefeated so far in terms of Immunities for Season 29. But the real drama happened immediately after the challenge when Natalie Anderson screamed at John for being a bigoted, racist, homophobic leader and encouraged the other members of John’s tribe to vote him out.

John replied by screaming at Natalie that if she were a man, he’d knock her teeth out. But despite Natalie’s best efforts to get John to punch her, he refused. Surprisingly (or heroically), Dale Wentworth defended John by saying that he’s a member of his tribe and so he’ll stand by him. Hmm, something tells us that if John had said something bad about Dale’s daughter Kelley Wentworth, Dale wouldn’t have had the same positive feelings.

Back at camp, John spilled a secret to Josh that he’d found the hidden Immunity Idol, which turned out to be yet another nail in John’s oversized coffin. Josh then convinced Wes, Baylor and Jaclyn to vote out the big thug, and John ended up going home with his Idol still in his pocket.

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