‘Survivor’ Slugfest #29.03: Was John Rocker treated unfairly? Is Baylor Wilson in danger?

When racist, homophobic John Rocker was eliminated on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” this week, many viewers at home celebrated the early demise of the controversial MLB player. But was his role as this season’s villain blown entirely out of proportion?

During our latest “Survivor” slugfest, Gold Derby’s Editors discuss whether Rocker was treated unfairly by his tribemates and by the media and we wonder if Baylor Wilson, one of this season’s favorites, is now in danger of going home. (Watch the entire slugfest below.)

‘Survivor’ recap shocker: John Rocker called out for racism, threatens violence

Joining me in our slugfest recap of “Survivor” Episode #29.03 are Senior Editors Rob Licuria and Matt Noble as we make our picks for who we think will win Season 29 and who’ll be voted out next.

We also discuss our favorite and least favorite moments from “Actions vs. Accusations,” including Keith Nale and Josh Canfield‘s hilarious trip to Exile Island, Hunahpu’s three-for-three winning streak with Immunity challenges and Jeremy Collins‘ anger at Rocker after finding out his wife Val Collins was eliminated the previous week.

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According to exclusive Gold Derby racetrack odds, Kelley Wentworth has the best shot of winning the season with leading 13/2 odds. Josh is in second place with 8/1 odds, while Baylor and Jeremy are tied for third place with 9/1 odds.

Be sure to cast your own votes for who’ll win by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below. You can also predict who will be voted out next, which tribe will win Immunity and so much more by logging into your predictions and clicking on the “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” button.

Whoever scores the most game points at the end of the season will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. For prediction tips and advice, be sure to join the “Survivor” discussion in our Gold Derby reality TV forum.

Here’s the audio podcast version of our slugfest:

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