‘Survivor’ castoff Jon Misch sizes up the Final 5: Who has ‘blind luck’? (Podcast)

“I had no clue that Natalie was setting up a blindside on me for so long. She did an impeccable job setting that up,” admits the latest “Survivor” castoff Jon Misch during his chat with Gold Derby. All of our users who correctly predicted Jon’s blindside earned game points based on the odds they locked in throughout the week in our Survivor” prediction contest.

In our new Q&A (listen below), Jon also talks about what we didn’t see on TV and he sizes up all of the remaining castaways. What does he really think about the Final 5?

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Jon on Jaclyn Schultz: “Love of my life … I’m pulling for her.”

Jon on Missy Payne: “Now that I see how hard [voting me out] was for her, it changes things a little bit. I think I would still say ‘trustworthy’.”

Jon on Baylor Wilson: “College girl. She follows her mom’s lead.”

Jon on Keith Nale: “Blind luck.”

Jon on Natalie Anderson: “Strategery.”

Also in our Q&A, Jon reveals that he left his hidden Immunity idol in his bag on the island, so he was not able to keep it as a souvenir. He’s hoping to get it back some day, maybe at next week’s reunion show following the season finale.

As for moments we didn’t see, Jon caught a stingray while out on Exile Island and then cooked it for dinner. He says that, besides winning Immunity, that was his favorite moment of his entire “Survivor” experience.

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To hear what else Jon has to say, listen to our entire Q&A below.

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