‘Survivor’ castoff Josh Canfield: ‘I am devastated I am still not in the game’

Despite being one of the breakout stars of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” Broadway actor Josh Canfield was voted out Wednesday night by his tribe for being too much of a threat. Gold Derby sat down with Josh to talk about his fateful exit and he emotionally confessed to us, “I am devastated I am still not in the game.” Scroll down to read our entire Q&A, including who Josh would want to play him in a “Survivor” movie.

Gold Derby readers were notably shocked with Josh’s exit, as he only had 17/2 odds of going home according to our exclusive “Survivor” racetrack odds. All of our users who correctly predicted Josh’s elimination earned game points based on the odds they locked in throughout the week.

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Below, our Q&A with Josh.

This was the make or break week for you, Josh. If you had survived this week, a lot of fans thought that you could have won this entire game. In fact, you had #1 odds to win according to our predictions. Do you agree?

Josh: That’s a nice fantasy to have. I’ll go with you on that dream.

Talk a little bit about your relationship with Baylor. Why did you vote for her back in the very first episode?

Josh: At Tribal Council that night, John pointed at Baylor at one point and I took that opportunity to go ahead and vote for Baylor so that no one would think that I was aligned with her. I knew all the votes were going for Nadiya so my vote wasn’t actually needed. By voting Baylor, I was furthering our alliance in the game. When I got back to camp, I told John and my alliance what happened by saying, “I thought we were supposed to be voting for her since you pointed to her.” I played the dumb card. Then, I went and told Baylor the guys wouldn’t think we were in an alliance and we could go further in the game since no one would suspect it.

It seemed as though you didn’t really become a target until the tribe mix-up when you and Reed joined up together. Did the “Blood vs. Water” aspect mess up your game?

Josh: I wouldn’t say that it messed up my game, but it definitely had an impact on it. That is correct, that when the tribe swap happened, it became apparent I was at the head of the alliance and unfortunately there was no way to mask that.

At Ponderosa, did you get to meet up with anyone who was voted out before you, like John and Julie or Dale and Kelley? Or did they keep you isolated because you were on the jury?

Josh: The jury members are kept separate.

What’s the first thing you ate after being eliminated?

Josh: Peanut butter!!!

Were they any memorable moments from your time on the island that didn’t make it to air?

Josh: There were a lot of fun campfire chats at night. Also, a lot of fun clamming on the beach with different people.

Any scary animal encounters?

Josh: We had a snake at Coyopa’s camp on the roof. I almost stepped on a snake when I thought it was a stick. A baby skunk kept wandering around at Hunahpu and it would freak us all out.

As a “Survivor” fan, are you proud that you made it to jury? Or are you heartbroken that you’re not still in the game?

Josh: Both!! I am devastated I am still not in the game, but I’m grateful I still have a hand in the game and get to vote for the sole Survivor!

Talk a little about Julie’s decision to quit last week. What was she thinking?

Josh: Julie’s quit was really disappointing and frustrating for everyone. No one wants to be on a season with a quitter. It mars the season a little bit. I think Julie was thinking that she would rather be with John than be out here with us any longer. I don’t think she was enjoying the game anymore and I think she was just over it.

Who would you want to play you in the “Survivor” movie? I vote for Neil Patrick Harris.

Josh: I mean, if we’re going for fantasy, I want Brad Pitt to play me, of course! Let’s go right to the top! However, he may be juuuuust slightly older than me so I guess I’ll change to Zac Efron!

Thanks Josh!

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