‘Survivor’ castoff Reed Kelly: In a sick way, being voted off was ‘dream come true’

Despite being voted off “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Wednesday night, superfan Reed Kelly isn’t completely devastated. As Reed reveals to Gold Derby after his elimination, “In a sick way, it’s a dream come true. Being a fan of the show and watching Jeff Probst snuff torches is epic and having him do it to my own torch was amazing. Although, I would have preferred him giving me the million dollar check.”

Gold Derby readers were spot-on with Reed’s vote-off, as the New York Broadway performer had leading 11/2 odds of going home according to our exclusive “Survivor” racetrack odds. All of our users who correctly predicted Reed’s elimination earned game points based on the odds they locked in throughout the week in our “Survivor” prediction contest.

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Read our entire Q&A with Reed below.

After Jeff snuffed your torch, did you get any comfort in knowing that you’d be reunited with Josh at Ponderosa? How is your relationship today?

Absolutely, that was a huge comfort walking out of the game and headed toward my man that loves me. My relationship with Josh could not be stronger. Getting to play “Survivor” with him was such a blessing and it only reinforced the things I already knew and loved about him.

How mad were you that Keith spilled the beans at the previous tribal council about sticking to the plan?

I don’t know if “mad” is the right word. It’s obviously extremely disappointing, but you kind of have to laugh at the hilarity of the situation when it’s all said and done.

Did that destroy your entire game?

Yes, I completely watched my gameplay go up in smoke with those four words and recovering from that became next to impossible. I can’t be mad at Keith though because I love him too much.

Did you get any flak from people who thought that going through Keith’s bag wasn’t a fair way to play the game?

Yes, I’ve gotten flak from it. However, I think the thing that people don’t keep in mind is that you’re playing in a game that has no rules. So the ethics that would normally apply in daily life aren’t necessarily applicable to the game of “Survivor.” I know watching previous seasons, I was always frustrated seeing someone go through another’s bag but when you’re out there and doing such a thing, you’re not hurting anyone or attacking their character or being malicious. It’s strictly strategic and I don’t see the harm in it. Let’s be real, had that not have happened, I would have been next out. That move got me 10 more days in the game and I stand by it.

Just a couple episodes ago you gave up your reward to Missy, and now here she is attacking you at this reward challenge for calling Baylor a brat, and she even voted you out of the game. How would you describe your relationship with Missy and Baylor?

My relationship with Missy and Baylor was always tenuous at best. I made the choice to give up my reward for Missy so I could pursue the strategic side of my game. Not to mention the fact that I knew Missy really wanted to go on this reward. For me it was worth it knowing I could talk strategy back at camp. As far as Missy standing up for Baylor, I see that as a very natural response from a mother whose child just got attacked. Was it my finest hour? No, but I can’t change that at this point.

Why is “Survivor” the best reality show on TV?

Is this a trick question? Everything the game stands for is the reason it’s the best reality show on TV. It’s people pushing their limits physically, mentally and emotionally in ridiculous conditions. And there’s a million dollar check at the end of the road. What’s not to love? And let’s not forget about Jeff Probst’s dimples.

Thanks Reed!

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