‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ recap: Blood, tears and fake Immunity idols in Episode 2

On episode two of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” the tribe spoke once again, as plucky police officer Val Collins was given the heave-ho by her Coyopa tribemates after her unsuccessful attempt to trick them into thinking she was holding one of two hidden immunity idols.

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At the reward challenge, controversial former pro baseball player John Rocker battled it out with barbie girlfriend Julie McGee, who showed everybody how underrated she might be as she slowly but steadily triumphed over her more favored opponent to win reward for her Hunahpu tribe and send her beau to Exile Island along with firefighter Jeremy Collins from her own tribe. That reward was then quickly squandered as the Hunahpu crew agreed to Jeff Probst‘s ultimatum that they give up reward for a replacement flint, stupidly lost by pretty guy Jon Misch.

Viewers were then treated to one of the most entertaining combat challenges to date, as the immunity challenge involved each contestant battling it out “sumo”-style on a floating pontoon, where loved ones pounded each other, literally drawing blood, sweat and tears for the chance to avoid Tribal Council for another day. 

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In what is starting to look like a trend however, Coyopa lost again to a dominant Hunahpu, leaving the yellow tribe scrambling back at camp before a second straight vote-out.

At Tribal, the men voted together again, targetting Baylor Wilson and Val in an effort to draw out any idols that Val may or may not have had (here’s a hint: it was a big fat lie Val dreamt up in a last ditch effort to save herself in the game). But Val went down fighting, calling out Baylor for being two-faced, and creating even more tension and instability for the already-troubled Coyopa tribe.

So, without further ado…

Episode MVP: In an epsiode where we are still getting to know the contestants, nobody has stepped up as legitimate or obvious potential power players yet. So the MVP title goes to Julie McGee, who showed that she was more than just a “girl” with big breasts, as she carefully navigated a difficult reward challenge at the outset of the episode, perhaps demonstrating that there’s more to her than meets the eye. 

Episode dunce: Julie’s boyfriend John Rocker on the other hand not only uncomfortably lost to his girlfriend at the reward challenge (making it known how horrified he was to have lost to a “girl”), but he was also handily defeated by Jon Misch on the sumo pontoon at the immunity challenge. He’s the biggest guy on the show this season, but so far, he’s not as dominant in challenges as he should be.

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