14 hottest forums posts: Fans ‘digging’ new Taylor Swift album but hate some songs

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Reactions to new Taylor Swift album ‘1989’

mikeboy898: Really digging 1989, and it is absolutely one of the better pop releases this year. I’ll echo what others are saying – it’s a very cohesive set of songs that all flow together in a very organized way. It’s her first album I’ve listened through fully and actually enjoyed (minus the filler that is “Welcome to New York” and “I Know Places” – the clear low points of the album which is funny since one of them opens the album)

moviefan61794: I’ve listened to the album full through a few times over the weekend and overall, I’m really loving what I hear. This is the first Taylor Swift album where I’ve listened front and back without skipping tracks on subsequent listens. My biggest problem right now is that this is definitely not her strongest album lyrically. I live for her confessional tracks, and there are few of those moments here.

Tye-Grr: There’s only two songs that I really don’t care for here: “Welcome To New York” and “How To Get The Girl”. Neither really do anything for me. For me, this has some of her best songs and best hooks yet. “Blank Space”, “Style”, “Out of the Woods”, and “New Romantics” are pretty sweet tracks, and I personally LOVE “You’re In Love”.

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‘Boardwalk Empire’ series finale airs on HBO

Denis: Just watched it, that was just a magnificent piece of writing, from start to finish, Howard Korder and Terrence Winter were so carefull to end all the arcs, the way it all came full circle and made sense to things we saw on the first season and things we saw here on the last one, the final shot, Margaret’s dance with Nucky, Eli’s state of decay and Capone’s last talk to his son whas a terrific thing to watch, I wish this would’ve been 1h and 30 minutes, that way Luciano and Narcise could have had a proper final minutes to wrap it up better than it was.

Irishmovielover4ever: I just knew that the ending of the show would be perfect and really is an all encompassing finale that not only ended the arc’s of this final season perfectly but also the entire run of the show and really makes me happy that a modern drama that explores such great story is able to end it all on a perfect note. In terms of Emmys I do not see Boardwalk Empire being welcomed back with open arms just because it’s ending mainly because Mad Men also ending in the same season will have that narrative and is a much more liked show.

2014 Oscar Best Actor predictions

TomHardys: Steve Carell is not winning but he’s super safe for a nomination in my opinion. Re: the career defining thing: these are not my words. Critics are the ones who have been raving Carell’s performance left and right with such terms and compliments.

KevinDillon: I think the spoiler in this race is Bill Murray for St. Vincent.  It’s the type of performance lifetime achievement Oscars are made of, the cranky older man, and his heart is warmed by a single mother and her child-Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets, and Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. St. Vincent has that heart, mixed with impact at the end, which many of the other performances lack, except for maybe Eddie Redmayne.

FreemanGriffin: I will get into trouble for writing this, I know, but I just got back from seeing Birdman and I wouldn’t even NOMINATE Michael Keaton, let alone believe he should win. It’s a one-dimensional dull performance of a dreadful bore of a character – I don’t care about him at the beginning and I still don’t care about him at the end.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Jim Carrey

Halo Insider: Saw the Jim Carrey episode, live for the first time in a long while. I thought it was pretty light and entertaining, if largely unremarkable. The Matthew McConaughey ads built on one another in a wonderful way, and seeing Carrey and Kate McKinnon dance their way throughout the studio was refreshingly offbeat. A lot of the other sketches fell a bit flatter to me, but none left me annoyed (aside from the monologue). “Paul and Phil” was charming throughout, though I was hoping it would end with a bigger impact. Drunk Uncle was fun enough, too. A solid “B” for me.

ETPhoneHome: A for the episode, and likely an Emmy nomination in the spring. While I wasn’t thrilled with the monologue, I laughed at many of the sketches, and my personal favourite was actually the Secret Billionaire. Such a weird episode overall, but exactly what I would expect from Carrey. Glad they used Leslie Jones here and there, she’s definitely a welcome addition. Also, the weekend update was very good. Anyone hating on Michael Che, I don’t have time for. I think he’s great. Even though there were a couple sketches I didn’t like (Geoff’s Halloween, Zombie Son), the rest on a whole made it my favourite episode of the season so far.

BamaEd: I was kinda underwhelmed. The Chandelier dance-off was the only thing I loved. Lincoln commercials I really liked. Secret Billionaire wasn’t bad but they didn’t know how to end it. Leslie Jones was the only reason “Ghosts Fact or Fiction” worked, mainly because she was the only comedy in it. RomCom girl wasn’t bad. I hate Drunk Uncle, actually hate isn’t strong enough for my feelings on it lol. I hate Kenan’s Al Sharpton too. The others were meh. Carrey gave it his all in every sketch, even the ghost & zombie ones. Iggy Azalea. yeah, she was there. NEW WRITERS PLEASE!

Taraji P. Henson is coming for that Emmy in ‘Empire’

GOIonaBlack: Taraji P. Henson is coming for that 2015 Lead Actress in a Drama Series EMMY in 2015. The series is a broadcast network hip-hop family soap opera, but it has major names behind the scenes: Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, Brian Grazer and stars Henson and Terrence Howard in regular co-starring roles and Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe in a recurring supporting role. The Emmy’s won’t be able to resist.

mikeboy898: Looks great! I’ll be checking it out for sure.

Atypical: Really cool to get this “Hustle & Flow” reunion going on television! Those two were electric in that film.

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