15 hottest forums posts: Your Thanksgiving choices as the worst film turkeys

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What is your choice as worst film turkey?

Espeon: Very few films piss me off, as for something I paid to see in a theater that pissed me off was Rock of Ages. I thought the following before I saw this, I liked Hairspray same director cool, this looks like an interesting role for Tom Cruise to take, I’m excited to see Catherine Zeta-Jones in another musical, this might not be great but it can be a lot of fun. A fun time was all I asked of from this, it felt the complete opposite of fun and slowly drove me into anger it pissed me off that much. Everything was so poorly done it was insulting.

ETPhoneHome: For me, the prime example for me was one of my most anticipated films of 2011, The Adjustment Bureau. It was advertised as a thriller, and looked terrific. I always like Matt Damon, and Emily Blunt is usually great, and the supporting cast was solid too. But I just ended up hating the movie. I liked the first third of the film, but then the genre changed into this convoluted romance movie, and I just couldn’t stand it.

Actriz: Les Miserables – the trailers looked stunning and the cast was phenomenal, based on brilliant material with a powerhouse producer at the reins. Sure the director was iffy but how bad could he make it? Turns out very bad.

Sasha: All the King’s Men (2006). A true abomination. No wonder it was the last movie Steven Zaillian has ever directed. He’s a great writer but piss-poor director. And who would have ever thought that Kate Winslet, Anthony Hopkins and Jude Law could be that bad? Oh, and Sean Penn deserved to win Razzie in a cakewalk. But he has been even worse before. Still getting sick just thinking about that turd.

KyleBailey: I have a few but the king of them all is The Last Airbender. Young naive 2010 Kyle had no idea who M. Night Shyamalan was and boy did I want to track down that man and yell at him for this terrible, horrendous movie. I LOVED the TV show so much and I was really excited for this though I did have the reservation of Dev Patel as Prince Zuko from the beginning but he was the only thing I was worried about (and oh my god yes he was really terrible).

benbraddock: When WARREN BEATTY decided to remake An Affair to Remember again, I must admit I was so excited to see him and Annette Bening in the Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr roles. Then the sad day came when i sat throught the film. Bening was awful and couldn’t come close to Kerr’s brilliance. Beatty actually was not bad at all but the updating was contrived. Hepburn seemed to stick out and the camera did not flatter her. The writing was sappy and simple and everything about the film just screamed  DISASTER. I was horribly disappointed after waiting over a year.

PianoMann: This may not be my worst, but the first one that came to mind is Dark Shadows. It had so much promise on paper.  The original series was unique, beloved, and even iconic. Tim Burton looked like one of the best choices to helm an adaptation for so many reasons, and Barnabas Collins was a role that Johnny Depp could have (and at time, ultimately, did) portray brilliantly. What we got, instead of a great cinematic adaptation, was an unfortunate farce that disgraces the original: slapstick screenplay with laughable sitcom tropes, a painful Hollywood battle sequence, and overall ill-conceptualized. Such a disappointment.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: Shark Tale. I quite simply hate that movie.

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‘The Walking Dead’ episode ‘Crossed’

espnfan: Sadly, I did not really care for “Crossed” that much. It was not bad, but it was not really engaging or that entertaining at all either. Honestly it just felt like a bridge to the mid-season finale. I do not want to call it outright filler, but it was barely above that. I appreciate the fact they tried telling multiple stories at once, which is something they normally do not attempt. For the life of me, this show does not want to or is not able to tell mutliple stories in a single episode. They usually focus on a single group of people and that is all.

Atypical: I’m done with both Gabriel and Eugene. Kill them both off in the winter finale and be done with it once and for all. Get the remaining D.C. group back to Rick and co. Michael Cudlitz has made a great impression this season, and I’d hate to see Abraham gone for good. Rescue Carol for sure. I don’t care about Beth’s and Noah’s fates.

Denis: I really don’t wanna see Dawn getting killed since  Christine Woods is such a fantastic actress, It could be exceptional if she became one of the main characters on the show, they could pair her up with Rick or something  run away a little from the comic books.

2014 Oscar race for Best Supporting Actor

traxton: I’m still 80% certain the Oscar goes to J.K. Simmons but am keeping that 20% on Edward Norton. With the very strong buzz from Selma, I’d say Tom Wilkinson is in, joining Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke as the top 5 locked contenders. I really doubt anyone else will break these 5.

AviChristiaans: Robert Duvall coming for that nomination. If there is one name i want to hear come Oscar nomination morning, it is his.

Actriz: He may not be getting flat-out raves like Simmons or Norton, but Tim Roth in Selma has been consistently referred to in reviews as “brilliant” with many claiming that he fully captures Governor Wallace without turning him into a caricature. I personally don’t think he’s getting nominated, but he’s got the showy villainous role and could benefit from a weak category.

nkb325: Official reviews are embargoed but most reactions are saying Chris Pine is a real standout for Into the Woods, one of the biggest surprises in the cast. And with supporting actor contenders so barren (there are 3 or 4 really strong contenders, but that fifth spot is a crapshoot with everyone else either underwhelming or completely unseen yet) i think he would actually have a really good shot to slide in, especially if the movie is well liked

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