‘The Amazing Race’ prediction: Will Brooke and Robbie screw up again tonight?

Shelley and Nici have the best odds (4 to 1) to be booted off “The Amazing Race” tonight, according to the latest predictions by Gold Derby users. This mother/daughter team has battled for five episodes now and their time may well be up.

However, beware: they may not be the best wager for you to make, strategically speaking, when placing your own predictions at Gold Derby aiming to win our prizes (cash, a chance to chat directly with ‘Amazing Race’ contestants) and earn an honored place at the top of our official leaderboards of smartest reality TV prophets.

Consider Brooke and Robbie as an option to wager on, for example. Because they have longer odds (8 to 1), you may earn more game points while competing against other Derbyites — that is, assuming Brooke and Robbie screw up again as they’ve done so often in the past. These pro wrestlers throw themselves into tasks but often can’t pin them down. 

If Brooke and Robbie get eliminated tonight and you bet the standard sum of 100 points, you’ll nab 800 point for that correct answer. But, remember, you get to place one special 200-point bet on one of the four questions you answer when making your predix. Pick the question “Which team will be eliminated?” and you can earn 1,600 points if Brooke and Robbie exit. Adam and Bethany have the longest odds of all — 10 to 1 — so you could score 2,000 points if you pick them and are correct.

You need to be strategically smart when making your “Amazing Race” predictions at Gold Derby because Marcus Dixon has the lead among players so far this TV season with 12,934 points. (See leaderboard.) But don’t be intimidated. That score is beatable.

Just consider last week’s top user Logan who defied the odds and tapped Keith and Whitney (who were in fourth place like Brooke and Robbie) for elimination. That savvy pick, along with his correct prediction that Misti and Jim would not use the Save earned him 3,238 points and vaulted him to fourth place on our overall leaderboard. Check out Logan’s predictions for episode six here and our collective odds, which come from the combined predictions of users like you, here

So give it a try. Log in to our prediction center by CLICKING HERE. Choose “The Amazing Race” box, then scroll down the page and begin answering the prediction questions. When you’re finished and the TV episode is over, we’ll send you an email with your score and we’ll keep you updated after that.

Or scroll down and make your first prediction using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 

Why? Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Race” fans and TV execs who want to know which teams you love and hate, who you want to win and who you are desperate to see get a send-off. 

What do you think will happen next? Can the new first-place finishers Kym and Alli keep the momentum going? This week’s odds, which were calculated based on our users’ predictions, underestimated this pair of sassy cyclists. Did you? Start making your predictions NOW so that they count in next week’s numbers.  

Below, get started with your predictions for “The Amazing Race” by predicting which team will be eliminated by using our easy drag-and-drop menu. 

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