Watch: ‘The Amazing Race’ winners Dave & Connor O’Leary on their strong comeback (Exclusive Video)

Father and son cancer survivors Dave and Connor O’Leary won the 24th season of “The Amazing Race” on Sunday. This all-star edition of the CBS staple brought together 11 teams from previous seasons that had been thwarted in their previous bids for the million dollar prize. In the case of these newly crowned champs, they had to bow out of Season 22 after Dave tore his achilles tendon. They had been a strong team then, winning two of the first five legs. As Dave tells us during our webcam chat (watch below), he had just finished a year of physical therapy when the call came to be in this new season. 

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In our candid conversation, Connor related the highs of the race — their time in Sri Lanka and winning two cars in Switzerland — while Dave recalled the lowpoint which came in the penultimate leg when they got lost repeatedly in Wales. 

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As for the other two teams in the final, they spoke affectionately of country singers Jennifer and Caroline who they say came in second only because their cab was slower. And with regards to Brendon and Rachel, who U-Turned them in leg eight much to Dave’s dismay, they admitted they wouldn’t be friends with them outside the ‘Race’ but acknowledged they were strong competitors. 

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