‘The Amazing Race’: Brendon & Rachel likeliest to be eliminated on Episode 4

The couple you love to hate — Brendon and Rachel — are the likeliest to reach the mat last in this week’s fourth leg of “The Amazing Race” according to predictions made so far at Gold Derby.

They have even odds (1/1) to be bounced from the race in this Sunday’s episode, ‘Smarter, Not Harder.’

Margie and Luke, the mother and son team who have lost this race twice, have odds of 17/10 to be eliminated while newlyweds John and Jessica are third likeliest to lose, with odds of 7/2.

Last week, Brendon and Rachel finished in eighth, just ahead of Joey and Meghan while Jessica and John were in seventh. Jennifer and Caroline, who you had predicted would be eliminated, finished in sixth while Margie and Luke came fourth. 

There’s still time before “The Amazing Race” airs for you to make your predictions here and wager points against the current odds. Forecast winners week to week and at season’s end and win prizes that include your own webcam chat with host Phil Keoghan plus $100 Amazon gift certificate. Read contest rules here.

Below, in their own words, the strategic changes made by Brendon and Rachel in the hopes of winning this time around. 

Brendon Villegas
Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: We are going to make sure we read our clues carefully and make detour decisions more carefully.

Rachel Reilly
I won’t make any changes, since I am so competitive and have never been eliminated. Brendon and I want to have the record of the team never being eliminated… and winning The Amazing Race 24!!!

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