Will bumbling Brooke & Robbie get bounced from ‘The Amazing Race’?

Have you made your predictions yet as to what will happen on this week’s episode of “The Amazing Race“? Which of the remaining seven teams will be last to the mat? That is just one of four questions we want you to answer. To help you out, consider our official odds that come from the rankings of other “Race” fans just like you. We have battling mother/daughter Shelley and Nici as the most likely to go at 9 to 2. But are we being too forgiving of the past mistakes made by pro wrestlers Brooke and Robbie

We have them ranked as the fourth most likely team to be eliminated (with odds of 8/1). But remember, this season has seen its share of surprises already. Just last week, Keith and Whitney finished last, even though our users had them in the same fourth slot as Brooke and Robbie this week.  

Ahead of them are scientists Amy and Maya and college sweethearts Timothy and Te Jay with odds of 11/2 each to be axed. Less likely to finish at the back of the pack are three teams that have all come first at least once already — cyclists Kym and Alli (17/2), dentists Misti and Jim (9/1) and surfers Adam and Bethany (10/1). 

We also want to know which team will win this leg (Adam and Bethany are ranked #1 as of this writing), whether Misti and Jim will need to use the Save (our odds say no), and which team you think will win the overall race.

Each question is worth 100 points — except one that is worth 200. Should you take a gamble and wager it on a longshot like Brooke and Robbie getting bounced? If you bet 200 points at 8/1 odds and turn out to be correct, you will earn 1,800 game points. (That’s 200 points x  8 = 1,600 + your original bet  of 200 = 4,600 total points). 

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Last week, Logan defied the odds and tapped Keith and Whitney for elimination. That savvy pick, along with his correct prediction that Misti and Jim would not use the Save earned him 3,238 points and vaulted him to fourth place on our overall leaderboard

Check out Logan’s predictions for episode six here and our collective odds, which come from the combined predictions of users like you, here.

In second place this week was Vektor. He correctly predicted that neither the Save nor the Express Pass would be used, added 1,500 points to his total and jumped up to the sixth slot overall. See his picks for next week here

And Wilted Youth, who foresaw Kym and Alli repeating as the first team across the mat, collected 1,419 points; that was enough to move him into eighth place overall. Check out his new predictions here

Isn’t it time for you to take on other fans of this 10-time Emmy champ and show them how it is done. Get these questions right and you could find yourself on our overall leaderboard next week. Knock our senior editor, Marcus James Dixon, off his perch and show everyone you are the true champ when it comes to predicting the outcome of “The Amazing Race.”

Show us that you have what it takes to win the cutthroat reality competition here at Gold Derby. Our grand prize winner will get a chance to chat with the winning team of “The Amazing Race.” And every week, we will be canvassing our top predictors who will share their insights and get a chance to pose questions to the eliminated teams. Do you have what it takes to be the best among the most fervent fans of the “Race”?

To get started CLICK HERE or scroll down and make your first prediction using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 

Why? Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Race” fans and TV execs who want to know which teams you love and hate, who you want to win and who you are desperate to see get a send-off. 

What do you think will happen next? Can the new first-place finishers Kym and Alli keep the momentum going? This week’s odds, which were calculated based on our users’ predictions, underestimated this pair of sassy cyclists. Did you? Start making your predictions NOW so that they count in next week’s numbers.  

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