‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Who went home in ‘Get Your Sheep Together’?

The third episode of “The Amazing Race” took the nine remaining teams to Scotland’s Shetland Islands for the first time in the show’s 25 seasons. On this remote outpost, many of them had wrangle some ornery animals as well as each other.

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The teams all travelled together from Oxford, England via train, car and ferry to one of the northernmost part of Scotland. In order of their second episode finish they were: surfers Adam and Bethany, dentists Misti and Jim, cyclists Kym and Alli, Nashville duo Keith and Whitneycollege sweethearts Timothy and Te Jay,  firefighters Michael and Scott, pro wrestlers Brooke and Robbie, scientists Amy and Maya and mother/daughter Shelley and Nici

While rushing to the train station in Oxford — needlessly as it turns out with the first train not leaving for hours — Scott twisted his ankle. Despite being hobbled, he persevered and chose to do the less physically demanding Detour — Light My Fire — which required teams to build a Viking torch to exacting standards. 

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The other Detour — Pony Up — saw teams having to harvest 50 blocks of peat and transport them up a steep hill via Shetland pony, an animal just as stubborn as a donkey. The Dentists, who had arrived first, finished in that same spot despite having to deal with a temperamental transport. The Scientists applied physics to this physical task and cajoled their pony, “Cupcake,” into a second place finish. 

Among those tackling the torch challenge, the Cyclists rode away with a first place finish while the Firefighters also knocked it out fairy quickly. The Nashville duo bickered but finally got the OK as did the College Sweethearts. However, the Wrestlers, who had intended to do Pony Up but took a wrong turn and ended up here, had a hard time pinning this task down. 

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The Road Block — “Get Your Sheep Together — required teams to run eight sheep through three gates and then corral them. The determined Dentists were the first to arrive and the first to finish. Then, they quickly figured out that the answer for the clue to the Pit Stop — a bejewelled pin — could be found at a nearby museum and were first to the mat for the second time in three episodes. Besides bragging rights, they claimed a trip to Dubai. 

The Surfers rode a wave of good vibrations to round up their sheep, the Nashville duo soothed theirs, the Mother/Daugher team cajoled them, the Scientists took a more methodical approach and the Cyclists rode them down the path.

However, the College Sweethearts were heartbroken by their repeated failed attempts to direct the animals and lost ground to the Wrestlers. That pitted them in a fight to the finish against the Firefighters. The injured Scott had wanted to abandon the physically tiring task and take the four-hour penalty but Michael convinced him to keep at it. 

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In the end, the Firefighters were given bad directions to the Pit Stop, going almost 30 miles out of the way to a jeweller rather than the site of a historic dig, and were eliminated. 

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