Hey, ‘Amazing Race’ fans: Win a chance to chat with Phil Keoghan

If you have the best score predicting what happens week to week on the All-Star edition of “The Amazing Race” you can win a fan’s ultimate prize – the chance to chat personally with host Phil Keoghan and discuss what you think of the show.

Keoghan has agreed to do a public webcam chat with our contest winner at the end of the TV season. Our winner will also get a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Here’s how to participate.

Log in to our Prediction Center here and click on the button for “The Amazing Race.”

Scroll down the page and answer the questions.

Each one has a score of 100 points that you wager against the current racetrack odds set by the predictions of our other users.

You also get an additional 100 points you can wager on any of this week’s questions, which include: “Will there be a U-turn this episode?”, “Will there be an elimination this episode?” and “Who will win this leg?”. 

When finished giving your answers, remember to click the “Save Predictions” button.

Click here to see the latest odds as to how teams will perform this week – and who we’re betting on to be the ultimate winners at season’s end.

Good luck, players!

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