‘The Amazing Race’ contest: Preview of ‘Can’t Make Fish Bite’ (Episode 5)

Sunday sees the fifth episode of the All-Stars edition of “The Amazing Race.” Eight teams are still in contention but after last week’s non-elimination leg, one pair of players is sure to fall. Which will it be?

This Sunday sees the airing of “Can’t Make Fish Bite,” with teams journeying from Malaysia to Sri Lanka where the Detour requires them to spin plates or spear fish. 

The Road Block requires them to stitch together a shirt — who will come undone? 

As the team you love to hate — Brendon and Rachel– was the last to reach the mat last week, they also have to complete an extra task at a Speed Bump this week. Will they manage to print 15 tee-shirts with the Sri Lankan flag in time or will they face the ax again this episode? 

And can cowboys Cord and Jet continue to rack up first place finishes on their way to winning the million dollar prize? 

Make your predictions about all of the above here and wager points against the current odds.

Forecast winners week to week and at season’s end and win prizes that include your own webcam chat with host Phil Keoghan plus a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Read contest rules here.

Below, a video sneak peek of this week’s episode.

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