‘The Amazing Race’ contest: Preview of ‘Smarter, Not Harder’ (Episode 4)

The upcoming fourth episode of the All-Stars edition of “The Amazing Race” includes one of the most difficult Detours ever in the 24 seasons of the show.

Which of the eight remaining teams will be eliminated, and which will win the bragging rights of being first to the mat? 

This Sunday sees the airing of “Smarter, Not Harder,” with teams striving to reach new heights and mix it up. In the preview below, watch Jessica as she gives it her all at the Detour as she jumps (and jumps) to capture the flag. And see Luke in full meltdown mode as he is stymied by the Roadblock which requires teams to whip up a sleeve of cocktails. 

Who do you think is shaken out of the race and who is stirred to cross the finish line first? 

Make your predictions about all of the above here and wager points against the current odds.

Forecast winners week to week and at season’s end and win prizes that include your own webcam chat with host Phil Keoghan plus a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Read contest rules here.

Below, a video sneak peek of this week’s episode.


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