‘The Amazing Race’ contest: See how you scored predicting Episode Four

This week’s fourth episode of the “The Amazing Race” turned out to be the first of two non-elimination legs this season.

So, while you won’t rack up points for predicting which of the remaining weight teams would be eliminated, you still score them for telling us who made it to the finish line first (Cord and Jet), whether they used their Express Pass (they didn’t) and if there was a U-Turn (there wasn’t). 

Overall, our odds predicted that first place finish by Cord and Jet. However, we had Margie and Luke reaching the finish line last just behind Brendon and Rachel; that order was reversed in reality. As this was a non-elimination leg, the newlyweds will have to complete an extra task next week. 

Congratulations to alex movieland who scored an impressive 908 points with his predictions. Savvy placement of the bonus 100 points gave him the edge over Magic 8 Ball

However, jonny — who scored only 257 points this week — remains out in front of all other competitors with 4064 points. See the full leaderboard here

If he winds up with the most points at the end of the season, he will win a chance to chat with host Phil Keoghan and a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Can you put an end to his race?

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