‘The Amazing Race’ contest: Did you predict that shocking double U-turn?

While you predicted that cowboys Cord and Jet would win this eighth leg of “The Amazing Race,” power couple Brendon and Rachel repeated with another first place finish. 

The engaged pair pulled off this surprise win by U-turning Dave and Connor. That forced these cancer survivors, who were right behind them, to complete both sides of the detour — racing donkeys and building wooden ones. In turn, this father and son team U-turned Leo and Jamal

The cowboys, who had begun an hour later, used their Express Pass to jump ahead to the Roadblock, which required one team member to painstakingly recreate a page from an illuminated manuscript. Cord knocked this out fast enough that they came second. 

Leo did the same and the “Afghan-inmals” zoomed up to third place (you had them losing), ahead of Conner, who struggled with the artwork, and his dad. 

Country duo Jennifer and Caroline relied once again on the kindly father and son and arrived at the mat with them in fourth and fifth places as you predicted. 

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Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy struggled throughout this leg, bouncing back and forth between the two Detours and reaching an impasse at the Roadblock. They were eliminated despite your predictions that they would rank third. 

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Congratulations to DryedMangoez who scored 2,888 points with his predictions. Savvy placement of the bonus 100 points gave him the edgeThat tally takes him to the seventh on the overall leaderboard. Max continues to lead with a season to date score of 19,575 points. See the full leaderboard here

If he winds up with the most points at the end of the season, he will win a chance to chat with host Phil Keoghan and a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Can you put an end to his race?

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