‘The Amazing Race’ contest leader predicts elimination of Amy & Maya next

“I don’t want to be here anymore!” cries Amy DeJong during CBS’s preview of Friday’s all new “The Amazing Race” episode, titled “You’re Taking My Tan Off.” (Watch the trailer below.) Amy and Maya have 14/5 odds of being eliminated next according to Gold Derby’s exclusive racetrack odds, but what does last week’s contest leader Chavel Dixon (Couch Potato) think?

Gold Derby sat down with Dixon to talk about how he knew Timothy and Te Jay would be eliminated last week, who he thinks is going home next, and who he’s predicting to win Season 25.

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Why did you predict Timothy and Te Jay to be eliminated?
I picked them to be eliminated mainly because they came in last on the last leg but were saved by the non-elimination leg. Usually, teams have a hard time coming back from that and following their progress through the race, it looked like eventually they would be eliminated.

Why are you predicting Adam and Bethany to win the “Race”?
They have been racing very well and are one of the stronger teams on the race. Also, they are very likable and do not have a bad attitude, which helps in this race.

Are they your favorite team this season?
Yes, they are my favorites, which may be bad, since my favorites usually do not win.

Who do you think will go home next?
Amy and Maya

Who do you want to go home next?
Misti and Jim

How long have you been a fan of the show?
I have been watching the show for 11 years, since the fourth season.

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