‘The Amazing Race’ preview: Who will be eliminated on ‘When You Gotta Go’?

The Amazing Race” kicked off its 25th edition last Friday on CBS and this 10-time Emmy champ for Best Reality-Competition Program got off to a roaring start with an unprecedented three-way foot race to the mat to avoid elimination. Did you foresee which team would be cut after just one leg? And which team would win the all-new “Save,” which can be used to avoid elimination on the road ahead. (Find out who sits atop our leaderboard and where you rank here.)

To help you make your predictions before Friday’s episode, which takes the teams to England, we turned to one of our top users, Denton Davidson, for his insights. This three-time winner of our reality TV prediction contests thinks the show, “is off to a great start; the cast is diverse, entertaining and best of all ruthless.” He adds, I’m looking forward to this season of ‘The Amazing Race.’ I think the cast is entertaining and there are a lot of strong teams.”

And he recapped the premiere episode thus:

‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Dramatic penalties, new twists kick off Season 25

Bringing the entertainment value to the show was the back and forth between the Firemen (Michael and Scott) and the realtors (Lisa and Michelle). That would have been a fun rivalry to watch had Lisa and Michelle not been eliminated. It was with great ruthless spirit that the girls ripped the marker right out of the Firemen’s hands to ensure signing up for an earlier plane ride. Unfortunately it didn’t work out so well for the girls when the firemen returned the favor by body checking one of them to ensure they got in the taxi first – leaving the girls behind to get last place.  Of course the girls were bitter and made no mention of why that karma may have taken place.  Good stuff!

As for which team won’t make it much further, he admits: “I’m usually not a fan of the “America’s Sweetheart” players, which is why I’m rejecting Adam and Bethany from my top three.  They bore me and although I expect them to go far, I just don’t see them winning.” However, that flies in the face of our odds, which come from the combined predictions of users like you. (See the odds for all the prediction questions here.)

When it comes to the eventual winners of the race, Denton says, “my early prediction to win the race may seem like the safe bet, but the reasons go beyond them winning the first leg of the race.  Misti and Jim have everything it takes to win — the brawn AND the brains. I immediately judged Jim when I first saw him, wondering how long it would take for the muscular “hot head” to come out, start belittling his wife, and fly off the handle. Just the opposite happened. He not only remained calm, cool and collected but helped other teams in the challenge before he had even finished. That will earn them friends in the game, even if they have a target on their back. The “Save” they have in their back pocket doesn’t hurt.

As for who else is likely to make the top three: My next two picks for the finale are also male/female duos.  The “Survivor” losers Keith and Whitney could become “Amazing Race” winners. Despite Keith’s pathetic attempt at using a compass, these two are strong and remained relatively calm for people who spent torturous hours digging holes in the sand to no avail. I expect them to come back strong.  Next on my list are Brooke and Robbie, who without question will be one of the most fun to watch this season. As professional wrestlers, they are obviously athletic but could get tripped up in mental challenges. Brooke appears to have the short fuse of this duo and that could be their demise as well. Generally, cooler heads prevail on “Amazing Race.”

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Take a look at the preview below and then make your prediction as to which team will end up as the winners. 

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