‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Who went home in ‘When You Gotta Go’?

The second episode of this 25th edition of “The Amazing Race” saw two teams of super fans fighting to the finish to avoid elimination. There were lots of tears flowing as these overwrought racers rushed to the mat, with each of this quartet reflecting on their long love affair with this 10-time Emmy champ. Earlier in the episode, we saw emergence of another strong team that scooped up the Express Pass on the way to coming in first.

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The 10 teams began their day in the U.S. Virgin Islands with a half dozen of them landing on the first flight to London, England. They were: dentists Misti and Jim; college sweethearts Timothy and Te Jay, cyclists Kym and Alli, pro wrestlers Brooke and Robbie, surfers Adam and Bethany and scientists Amy and Maya. That put them 90 minutes ahead of the four other teams: mother/daughter Shelley and Nici, dating Dennis and Isabelle, Nashville duo Keith and Whitney and firefighters Michael and Scott.

When each pair arrived at Tower Bridge, they had to choose between two tasks: About Face or Pancake Race. The former required each team to learn a complicated march from one of the Queen’s Guard while the latter required them to run a race course in just 75 seconds while flipping a pancake. Choosing the right task proved key to continuing in the race. 

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The Surfers sailed through the pancake challenge, completing it on the first go-round despite Bethany having only one arm (she lost the other in a shark attack) and soon set off for Oxford via Paddington Station. However, it proved more challenging to the other three teams that tackled it with the Dating Couple, Nashville duo and Firefighters all needed multiple tries to finish in the alloted time. 

The Dentists, College Sweethearts, Scientists, Cyclists, Mother/Daughter and Wrestlers all went with the march. The precision drill proved to be trying, with even ex-armed forces pair Shelly and Nici not managing it on the first attempt. They, along with all but the Wrestlers, were successful on their second try. However, it took Brooke and Robbie a solid six rounds before they wrestled this task to the mat. They and the Firefighters were on the third train to Oxford where all the teams had to master the art of punting. 

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The downfall for more than one team at this Detour was figuring out which end of the punt to stand on to propel it forward. The other teammate had to wave a British flag from the other end to all the bemused students lining the river bed. 

Again, the Surfers took to this task and knocked it out in just one go. They decided to risk their assured first place finish by looking for the Express Pass, explaining that Bethany may well be confronted with a physical task that is beyond even her capabilities. However by finding the right pub quickly, they kept their lead and were first to the mat at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s birthplace, winning the bonus prize of a trip to Sweden. 

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Despite having to repeat the Detour because they were at the wrong ends of the punt,  the Dentists and Cyclists came in second and third. In the middle of the pack were the Nashville duo and the College Sweethearts followed by the resurgent Firefighters and Wrestlers. The Scientists, Amy and Maya, managed to make it there in eighth place.  

That left the Mother/Daughter and the Dating Couple to complete the course. However, the currents kept pushing them in the wrong direction and they were forever having to start over. Both teams repeatedly declared their devotion to the race on the way to the pit stop. It was Shelley and Nici who made it their ahead of David and Isabelle. 

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