‘The Bachelorette’ mystery: Will Andi choose Nick or Josh?

The Bachelorette” brought Andi Dorfman and her final three men – Nick, Josh, and Chris – to the Dominican Republic for three very different dates with three very different outcomes. In the end, she narrowed the field to two, and who they were wasn’t a big surprise.

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As our users had been predicting, Chris was sent home, leaving Nick and Josh to battle for Andi’s hand in marriage. Though Chris was taken aback by Andi’s decision, his fate was probably sealed a while ago. She only had a single one-on-one date with him before hometown visits, and though she was smitten by his family when he introduced her to them – she expressed more enthusiasm for them this week than for Chris – she couldn’t get past her concerns about life on a farm and the fact that she didn’t feel strongly enough for him to make it work.

Andi didn’t wait until the rose ceremony to cut him loose. In an echo of her dismissal of Cody in Italy, she told Chris at the end of their date that she couldn’t return his feelings and respected him too much to string him along any further. So instead of spending the night together in a fantasy suite, he packed his bags and drove away alone.

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Her other two dates were much more successful. She brought Nick to the beach for a swim, and to talk more about the heartbreak Nick experienced in the past. Though he had already told her he was falling for her, he had yet to reveal to her that his feelings had grown to full-blown love. It took him the entire day, in fact, to work up the nerve, and at the end of the evening he finally said the three magic words before they retired to a couple’s fantasy suite, where they spent the night together.

Josh also told Andi “I love you,” when they explored Santo Domingo together, including a children’s baseball game that they joined before an evening dinner where she continued to express doubts about him: how similar he is to men who have hurt her in the past, and whether what she was seeing was his true affection for her or just the natural charm of a charismatic athlete.

Those fears seemed to at last be allayed, because he too was invited to join her in a private fantasy suite for the rest of the night.

Perhaps if Chris had seen those successful outings, he would have been less surprised to be sent home early.

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Andi will next choose a husband – and hope he chooses her back – but not for two weeks. Next Monday, the men tell all in a special episode during which all of the season’s in-fighting and controversy may come to a head. Will we see that Andi made the right choice for her final two, or will her rejected suitors reveal surprising insights?

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