‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Three men leave on a sour note at start of two-night event

In the first night of a special two-night “Bachelorette” event, the remaining men serenaded Andi in the hopes of winning her affections, but the fat lady sang for three of them. (Click here for our recap of night two.)

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It was a sad exit for beverage sales manager Ron, who withdrew from the competition upon learning that a close friend had died. He left the Los Angeles bachelor pad suddenly, while Andi was on a one-on-one date in Santa Barbara with self-described “pantsapreneur” J.J.

Two other men were sent home the old fashioned way: during the rose ceremony. Hairstylist Brett never made much of an impression on Andi – nor had much screentime – and was sent packing, but so was opera singer Bradley, who thought he would make it through easily after the week’s group date was announced.

In a letter to Bradley and 11 other bachelors, Andi hinted that she wanted to “start things off on the right note,” which meant singing lessons with Boyz II Men, followed by a public performance of their biggest hit, “I’ll Make Love to You.” Bradley, the only contestant with musical chops, as he repeatedly reminded us, was confident he would get an early rose as a result.

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But apparently Andi wasn’t impressed by his operatic take on the ’90s R&B slow jam and gave her early rose to one of his more vocally challenged rivals instead – former baseball player Josh M. – and then sent Bradley home for good, leaving him a bit taken aback: “I’d love to be loved, and I’d love to love,” he said during his tearful exit interview.

Josh M. was safe going into the rose ceremony, as were the two men with whom Andi went on solo dates this week: Nick V., who joined her for bicycle riding and hiking, and J.J., with whom she donned old-age makeup to masquerade as an elderly couple in the park. She and J.J. enjoyed pulling the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting bystanders, though whether the bystanders thought they were seeing a genuine elderly couple or a strange homage to “Bad Grandpa” we may never know.

Though Nick already knew he was safe, he nevertheless took the time to sabotage a private moment for another contestant later on: sending flowers to Andi, which were delivered just in time to interrupt a heart-to-heart with Eric. “I got c***-blocked by a bouquet of flowers,” noted Eric with surprise.

That wasn’t the only jockeying for position among the men in Sunday night’s episode. Josh and J.J., already safe with early roses, confronted social media marketer Andrew with allegations that he solicited another woman’s phone number while supposedly competing for true love with Andi.

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Despite the brewing controversy, Andrew got the final rose of the night from Andi, who never heard the rumors of his treachery, but is he now a marked man? Or could he prove his challengers wrong and win? Make your winner predictions below, and click here to make your complete predictions for Monday night’s second part of the two-night “Bachelorette” event.

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