‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Men tell all … what did they have to say about Andi?

We’ll find out next week whether Andi Dorfman chooses Nick or Josh in the season finale of “The Bachelorette” – and whether her choice will actually propose marriage – but this week, her rejected suitors had their say. What revelations did this week’s “Men Tell All” special yield?

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The men aired a lot of grievances we’ve heard already. J.J. and Marquel revisited the accusation that Andrew made racist comments during an early rose ceremony, though Andrew didn’t help his case any when he mistakenly referred to Marquel as Ron, the season’s only other black contestant.

But Chris and Brian turned it around on J.J., calling him out on the curious timing of his rumor-mongering. A tearful J.J. made sure to defend himself one last time before the next segment. But despite the renewed tension and debate – and a replay of the rose ceremony where Andrew supposedly made his offensive remark, studied as closely as the Zapruder film – nothing was definitively proven.

A few select men then took the “hot seat” for one-on-one conversations with host Chris Harrison. Marquel, later dubbed “the cookie monster” by Andi, embraced his new identity by wearing a cookie pin on his lapel and giving out black-and-white cookies to the audience.

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Marcus also took the hot seat, where he re-watched footage of Andi breaking his heart in front of a live studio audience. But he doesn’t regret telling her he loved her so soon.

Putting Marcus and Marquel front and center gave Harrison the opportunity to plug the musical chairs-style spinoff “Bachelor in Paradise,” where both rejected men are contestants. And guess who else will make an appearance in “Paradise”: Chris Bukowski, the season eight “Bachelorette” contestant who happened to crash Andi’s party in the season 10 premiere, made an appearance in the audience for “Men Tell All” to promote his appearance in the spinoff – though he was probably invited this time.

Then there was the woman in the audience who called out in the middle of farmer Chris’s hot-seat interview in the hopes of meeting the third-place contestant. She got her wish, and after a “speed date” during the commercial break, she gave him his phone number. Maybe she’ll follow in Chris Bukowski’s footsteps and book her own “Bachelor” spinoff next.

The episode ended with Andi in the hot seat, where she further explained her dismissal of Chris, Marcus, Marquel, and early castoff Nick S. But more dramatic than that was a cliffhanger: an urgent handwritten letter by one of Andi’s final two, delivered by Chris Harrison, who ominously suggested that she read it before making a final decision.

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Does that mean Andi is bound for heartbreak next week? Below, predict whether the season 10 winner will be Nick, Josh, or no one at all:

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