15 hottest forums posts: Was Sunday’s ‘Good Wife’ episode the best ever for Julianna Margulies?

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The Good Wife” episode “Oppo Research”

BamaEd: OK wow, I was just completely floored by this episode of The Good Wife. I agree that this is the best tape Julianna Margulies has ever had. She did everything but cry I think, and I like that she didn’t cry. Everything was so perfect in this. The pacing, the flashbacks, the guest stars, but JM OWNED this episode.

Icky: The best episode since “Hitting the Fan”. This was possibly better than that. The lack of Josh Charles has really forced the melodramatic dead air out of the show and has fixed the focus on turning the plot, politics and backstabbing, which is usually the focus when the show is at its best. Eventually things will slow down and get murky/dull, but for now it’s on a roll.

oopschoice: Just wow! Simply terrific episode. And most of the comedic elements worked really well. Alicia’s reaction when Pasquale’s character told her about Owen’s boyfriend had me in stitches. Julianna Margulies‘s performance in this Alicia-centric episode was indeed great, but I doubt this is a great tape for her. Emmy voters love them some big moments, and this tape provided little in that department. In the end, I guess she’ll pick an episode where she gets to ‘cry’ like she did everytime.

The Walking Dead” fifth season premiere

babypook: I dont believe I’ve seen a more engaging eppy of The Walking Dead EVER. Mwahahahahaa! The cast was terrific to a man, and what an ending!

BamaEd: I don’t mind when they set up camp somewhere. I thought this episode was stronger because everyone was back together, which is why I didn’t like 4B (but a friend of mine did). I don’t think some of the characters are strong enough on their own. The Grove worked because of Melissa McBride. Some of the Michonne stuff was fine. But the others didn’t engage me as much. I thought this was a very strong episode though. Great job again by McBride.

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Best Actor 2014

ThemeParks4Life: I’m starting to think Steve Carell might end up being this year’s Tom Hanks. Support for Foxcatcher is dying down and I have him in third now.

TomHardys: Let me remind you that Foxcatcher has maintained an enormous buzz throughout this awards season without fading into oblivion and it’s doing that for months now (ever since Cannes where it won a Best Director prize). Of course people are over the moon with the new Oscar-bait flavor of the month that is Eddie Redmayne (and Benedict Cumberbatch) like they were a couple of months ago with the Foxcatcher boys and a couple of weeks ago with Michael Keaton. That usually happens. The shift will once again turn to other candidates as soon as Unbroken, American Sniper and Interstellar come out.

FreemanGriffin: t’s interesting that the four frontrunners (Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne) in this category would all be first time nominees. I think the fifth nominee is anyone’s guess, as there are at least 10 plausible actors – I am predicting Ralph Fiennes, because I love his performance so much, he does something totally different (who knew he was such a great comedian?).

Could a multi-camera sitcom win Best Comedy Series ever again?

Joe: The last multi-camera sitcom to win Best Comedy was Everybody Loves Raymond in 2005. I feel that in what some people are calling a golden age of TV it is unnecessary to have a laugh track after every line (*cough* Chuck Lorre *cough* ). There really is no multi-camera show that is a critical darling anymore, and I feel like every year there are more and more multi-camera shows that get panned and cancelled and that the majority of sitcoms on TV are single camera. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if The Big Bang Theory would be the last multi-camera show to get a Best Comedy Series nomination.

Renaton: I don’t think multi-camera is winning again unless there’s a major revival of the format (which would seem unlikely right now). I have said this before here, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Everybody Loves Raymond was the last one to win, and that it did so with it’s last season. It’s almost a symbolic rite of passage, since at the time television was starting to shift towards single-cams.

WaltEagle: Yes, most things will happen ever again at the Emmys, and what works in film/televsion comes in cycles–it will be trendy again sometime. All it would require is a fresh take or just a really good or Emmy-friendly show that happens to be multi-cam. If it’s plausible that a multi-cam show could win next year (and it is), then it’s certain that one will win sometime before too long.

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Will Brad Pitt stop acting to produce?

Nessie: I had admired Brad Pitt as an actor, thought he was great in Benjamin Button and some other earlier roles (ex. Fight Club), but he doesn’t seem to have developed as an actor. I’m wondering if his foray into production might be dictated by his realisation that he won’t be able to reach his potential as an actor. Seems a shame. He had, in my opinion, a lot more talent than many of his contemporaries (Tom Cruise and George Clooney, for example).

ETPhoneHome: Nope. Brad Pitt is still fully relevant, and I don’t care if there are bad reviews, Fury is going to make serious buck. The reason: him. He’s one of the few marquee names that are guaranteed to get people in the seats, and he can afford a few slip-ups without losing that. I personally think his last few performances have been solid, and I’m definitely going to check out Fury, and hope for the very best.

2014 American Music Awards nominations

outsider: Who would have thought Iggy Azalea would be the most nominated artist? Artist of the Year shouldn’t have expanded to 10 nominations. That’s too much. Some nice surprises: Beyonce absent in the pop field, Ariana Grande absent everywhere, Taylor Swift dropped from the country field. It’s unfortunate they had to go for Chris Brown.

Ryan Lapierre: These are ok nominees. Hate the fact that One Direction is on here but what are you gonna do.

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