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Tasha: I don’t think they’re cowardly like many are saying on twitter and that they have people’s safety in mind. They’re not cowardly but they justifiably caved in. Added If there were a foreign group of people making a movie of killing Obama, the US military would hunt them down and have no mercy. Demanding a film to be stopped, is a lot less damage than attacking a nation. I’m not saying it’s right! Just reversing the roles for a minute and imagining how the US military would handle this if North Korean filmmakers were making an assassination movie about our president. Comedy or not, the military would take it as a threat and take action.

ETPhoneHome: They had no choice. If the movie theatres refuse to show the film, then it’s not their fault at all. They must have envisioned that some type of backlash would happen with this film, but they obviously didn’t imagine it would be this extreme. I’m really interested in how this plays out, because I can’t think of a time where a wide-release Hollywood film has garnered this much controversy. Also, this is pretty great publicity for the film, no matter how it turns out.

RichardAniston: Well since no major movie theatre is going to play the film. I understand why Sony pulled it. With that being said, I strongly disagree with the decision of the movie theathers not to play the film. They’re letting hackers/terrorists win. I don’t believe for a second that any attacks would have happened if the movie was exhibited as planned.

VincentYeoh: There is no value in assassinating an idiot, so why are they even making a comedy that some might take seriously? It is downright silly to allow hackers to threaten the screening of any movie, but this may all work to the benefit of The Interview. Way I see it, the movie has no chance of doing well in a crowded release day, so this controversy plus its delayed release is both a face-saving way of retreat and generating more interest that will add to box office receipts later, say in January.

Guest2014: A disgrace. Every actor, writer, director, below the liner should swear never to work for Sony Pictures again. The bad guys won. There are no shades of gray here.

AMG: If they released it and something terrible happened, how much blame would be on Sony for releasing the film after a threat? Just for the sake of ‘creative control’ or whatever people are calling it. It should be pulled. All seriousness aside, I think it’s a blessing in disguise, this looked like the worst film ever. I had no idea this film was made until the leak started. I don’t get why Sony would put money behind this film. It’s another case of Seth Rogen & James Franco think they’re hilarious, so just let them do it.

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24Emmy: Natalie wins! Very deserving. Time to see what season 30 is … hope it’s awesome. Lame idea. Not a fan. I wanted something more special. I like having 3 tribes, but there’s always one that is a total trainwreck. Hopefully that won’t happen in season 30.

jamesclim: Fantastic Finale! A very satisfying win and finish for a decent season. Not fantastic, but not the worst ever eithe.

oopschoice: Blue Collar vs White Collar vs No Collar isn’t much different from Brawns vs Brains vs Beauty. So that’s a very boring premise. Why don’t they do Straight Males vs Straight Females vs LGBTs or it will be too controversial? Anyway, fantastic winner and strong runner-up. The last few episodes saved (or nearly saved?) the season from being a train wreck.

vinny: Reed’s little speech . Her reaction was literally . And Baylor, Suck it up honey. You were no better. Sidenote, I don’t know the circumstances behind whatever has gone on in the lives of Missy and Baylor but Baylor really wanted to drive that  point home for some reason in some weird effort for a sympathy vote and thats not cool in my book. In fact, it annoyed me a lot.

EmmyLoser: Go Nat!!! I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, and I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of those final tribal speeches.  Jeremy just telling everyone to vote for Nat was pretty good, but Reed wins for that fantastic takedown of Missy, which, sorry if it hurt her feelings or touched on some deep personal wounds, she totally deserved.

Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film
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AviChristiaans: Oh the snubs! Wow. Shocked. Tangerines made it. Thankfully. Xavier Dolans tweet right now after the shortlist was announced is just………ouch.

FilmGuy619: Wow! No Winter Sleep, Two Days, One Night, or Mommy (which I still haven’t seen). A little disappointed Brazil didn’t make it for The Way He Looks, but I kinda knew that wasn’t going to happen. Glad that Force Majeure and Ida made it though.

Jake: I don’t know what Turkey has to do to get there. It must be frustrating for them and perhaps Nuri Bilge Ceylan too. I thought recent success of “Two Days…” with the critics will translate into sure slot here but maybe Dardennes have the right to feel snubbed again. I wonder if they would be nominated or even shortlisted for “The Kid with a Bike”. And then there’s Xavier Dolan who’s heading into an interesting direction in Hollywood (of what I’m aware) but I guess it was sure that if the additional committee won’t go for “Mommy”, it won’t make it.

Halo Insider: No Two Days, One Night pisses me off to no end. What do the Dardennes have to do to receive some Academy recognition? I saw The Liberator, and while it has some good production details and cinematography, it has no business being on this list. God, I cannot believe them.

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