Which of ‘The Leftovers’ cast is most deserving of awards recognition? (Poll)

The Leftovers” recently concluded its first season on a high note. This HBO drama series may well reap bids at the upcoming Golden Globes and SAG Awards. And while cast members won’t have to chose a single episode to represent their best work at these kudos, they will have to for the Emmys.

Take a look below at the breakdown of those with the most potential for awards recognition and our suggestions for episode submissions. After voting in the poll at the bottom of the post, sound off in the comments section as to who you think is the most deserving. 

Justin Theroux  (Kevin Garvey, Jr.): Best Drama Actor
He absolutey must submit the season finale “The Prodigal Son Returns.” He cries twice, first while delivering a eulogy and later while opening up to the reverend about the breakdown of his marriage. And he gets to be a hero, rescuing his daughter from a burning building and adopting a stray dog. He also watches a man die before him and is committed to a mental institution against his will. Indeed, this performance checks so many “awards bait” boxes that Theroux could well win. 

Amy Brenneman (Laurie Garvey): Best Drama Supporting Actress
While she is billed second after Theroux, she should submit in supporting for this largely silent role. She is the only one of the cast to have contended at the Emmys (twice for “NYPD Blue” and three times for “Judging Amy”). Outside of a single word in the finale and an extended flashback, Brenneman has not said a word as Guilty Remnant cult member Dr. Laurie Garvey. If nominated, her best bet is that flashback episode “The Garveys at Their Best,” which shows Laurie before she leaves her life as a psychiatrist

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Ann Dowd (Patti Levin): Best Drama Supporting Actress 
This Critics’ Choice Movie Awards contender (“Compliance”) was the closest thing that the first season had to an antagonist. As the leader of Guilty Remnant, Levin plays looser with her vow of silence than her disciples and Dowd has had dialogue in four episodes. “Cairo” includes her best work, as Levin turns murderous.

Carrie Coon (Nora Durst): Best Drama Supporting Actress
This one-time Tony nominee (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”) plays a woman who has lost her family. She had little screen time until the sixth episode, “Guest,” which zeroes in on her so much that that she features in every scene.

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Liv Tyler (Meg Abbott): Best Drama Supporting Actress
Despite being billed in early press releases as one of four core cast members of the show, Tyler has received little attention from critics for her performance as a young woman who struggles with her recent recruitment to the Guilty Remnant. 

Christopher Eccleston (Rev. Matt Jamison): Best Drama Supporting Actor 
Historically, this has been a more competitive category than its female counterpart, but this International Emmy winner (“Accused”) has a clearer path to a nomination with no internal competition. The editor of a self-published tabloid that airs the dirty laundry of locals, the character is spotlighted in “Two Boats and a Helicopter.” That was the third episode of the season and is likely to be included in any ‘For Your Consideration package’ sent out by HBO.

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Patterson Joseph (“Holy” Wayne Gilchrest, Jr.): Best Drama Guest Actor
As a fugitive messiah, Joseph was either ethereal or creepy, but always magnetic. However, his appearances were sporadic and he does not have a clear-cut submission. The pilot was the only time in which he had multiple scenes, but that episode was also a third longer the rest and could unnecessarily burden voters.

Scott Glenn (Kevin Garvey, Sr.): Best Drama Guest Actor
As the former police chief, his best episode is “Solace for Tired Feet” in which his character escapes from the mental institution to which he has been committed.

Vote in our poll below as to which of the cast is most likely to reap individual awards attention and then be sure to cast your ballot in the SAG TV Drama Ensemble race using our easy drag-and-drop menu. 


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