‘The Voice’ poll: Which contestant is most likely to win for coach Adam Levine?

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine won for the freshman season of “The Voice” but then suffered through three straight losses to fierce rival Blake Shelton before making a comeback as coach last year. 

Will he be able to defend his crown this season against Shelton plus Usher and Shakira who return for their sophomore seasons?

Each of the four coaches has selected a dozen contenders for their teams. Beginning on Monday (March 17), the 48 hopefuls will do battle, hoping to make it to the knockout round or be saved by another coach. 

We are profiling all four dozen contestants prior to that, with those of Team Adam’s 12 hopefuls below. 

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After reading about each, be sure to vote in our poll as to who has the best chance of winning “The Voice” for Levine this season.   

Austin Ellis – Growing up, he struggled with weight issues and bullying. After discovering music, he was inspired to lose more than 80 pounds and turn his life around. He hopes to inspire other people through his music and show them that no matter your circumstances, you can change your life for the better. His audition song was “Drift Away.”

Caleb Elder – He is a donut shop employee and college student who plays eight different instruments. He recently put school on hold to become a full-time musician and has been moving from town to town trying to book gigs. His audition song was “Groove Me.”

Cary Laine – After years of steady gigs in Alabama, she moved to Wyoming for her husband’s job. She now lives 100 miles from the nearest venue as a stay-at-home mom by day and musician by night. Her audition song was “Better Dig Two.”

Christina Grimmie – She first started her career on YouTube and now has more than 2 million subscribers. Her popularity landed her an opening spot on the Selena Gomez tour, but she has yet to land a record deal. Her audition song was “Wrecking Ball.”

Dawn and Hawkes – They met dancing at a blues bar in Austin, Texas, and then began writing and playing music together, and eventually fell in love. The indie-folk duo is hoping to win the hearts of America. Their audition song was “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

Delvin Choice – After not making a team last season, he is back to prove that he belongs on this national stage. He joined two bands to prepare for this season and spent the year playing various gigs. His audition song was “A Song for You.”

Josh Kaufman – He has been singing on-and-off his entire life. He supports his wife and three kids by playing local gigs and working as an SAT prep tutor. His audition song was “One More Try.”

Josh Murley – He grew up singing in a choir in high school and then became a full-time musician. He has been playing shows around Texas with his band ever since. Money has always been a struggle, so he wants to offer a better future for his family. His audition song was “The Freshmen.”

Joshua Howard – He has played music his whole life and is very close with his family. His greatest inspiration is his father, who raised him and his siblings as a single dad. He currently plays in a band with his sister. His audition song was “This is What It Feels Like.”

Kat Perkins – She started a rock band with her husband; but they divorced six months later, and she decided to take a break from the music business. She’s currently a full-time nanny for a family of five, with whom she created an unofficial band for fun. Her audition song was “Gold Dust Woman.”

Patrick Thomson – This small town Zach Galifianakis look-alike grew up around music. His mom was in a folk band, and he taught himself to play guitar and saxophone. He currently working as the assistant manager at a retail mobile phone store. His audition song was “Can’t You See.”

Sam Behymer – She is a Texas native who always felt out of place growing up until she moved to California and found other artists like her. She is a Pepperdine graduate and a full-time nanny living in Los Angeles. Her audition song was “Royals.”

It’s your chance to chime in about Team Adam. Take our poll below.

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