Which Pharrell Williams artist will win ‘The Voice’ this season? (Poll)

Pharrell Williams is already having an incredible year. He is the reigning Grammy champ as Producer of the Year and earned his first ever Oscar nomination for his song “Happy.”

He is now one of the new coaches/judges on NBC’s “The Voice” and is using his power to claim several top contenders for his team.

Over the first six seasons of the reality program, country star Blake Shelton dominated the other coaches by winning three times. However, first season champ Adam Levine (Maroon 5) rallied to win again in the fifth cycle. Usher is the reigning winner but is no longer on the program.

Will Shelton or Levine have the winning singer this year? Can Williams or the other rookie coach Gwen Stefani steer someone to victory?

Each of the four has selected a dozen contenders for their teams. Beginning on Monday, October 13, the 48 hopefuls will do battle, hoping to make it to the knockout round or be saved by another coach. 

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We are profiling all four dozen contestants prior to that, with those of Team Pharrell’s 12 hopefuls below. 

After reading about each, be sure to vote in our poll as to who has the best chance of winning “The Voice” for Williams for the first time.   

Blessing Offor – Blessing originally hails from Nigeria and is the youngest of six children. He was born with complete vision loss in one eye and ended up completely losing his vision. He turned to music and is now a full-time singer-songwriter. His audition song was “Just the Two of Us.”

Brittany Butler – Brittany was raised on jazz standards of the 1940s and 1950s by her grandfather. She currently attends Boston’s Berklee School of Music on a full scholarship. Her audition song was “The Girl from Ipanema.”

DaNica Shirey – DaNica inherited her love of music from her father, who was her manager and best friend. After his passing three years ago, DaNica took some time off from music, got engaged and had a child. Her audition song was “Big White Room.”

Daniel Griffin – Griffin’s love of music came from his parents. He’s always dreamed of moving to Nashville to pursue a career as a singer, so after he graduated high school he and his sister started a bow tie company to earn money. They moved to Nashville a year ago. His audition song was “It’s a Beautiful Day.”

Elyjuh Rene – Elyjuh’s mom is his biggest inspiration and the reason he sings today. He wants to be successful and use his time on the show as a gift to his mom, who has always supported him and his brothers. His audition song was “XO.”

Jordy Searcy – Jordy’s dad writes music; his mom is a vocal coach; his brother plays drums; and his sister sings, so it’s no stretch to say he hails from a musical family. He learned to play guitar at age nine and started singing and writing his own songs at age 15. He currently teaches guitar and attends college for music business. His audition song was “Skinny Love.”

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Katriz Trinidad – Katriz has been taking vocal lessons and competing in singing competitions for most of her life. With a large and supportive family behind her, Katriz moved the family from the Philippines to pursue the American Dream. Her audition song was “At Last.”

Luke Wade – Luke comes from an artistic family – his mother owns a dance studio, and his father is a painter. Luke danced at his mother’s studio for 10 years, until an accident left him blind in one eye. After his accident, Luke turned to music, joining a band and writing his own songs. His audition song was “That’s How Strong My Love Is.”

Maiya Sykes – Maiya is one of a few people who can say they’ve achieved the “trifecta” of being accepted to Yale, Princeton and Harvard. Maiya attended Yale with a triple major in political science, African American studies and music composition. After graduating, she followed in her parents’ musical footsteps. She became a background singer and toured with Macy Gray for six years. Her audition song was “Stay With Me.”

Ricky Manning – Ricky is one of seven kids and grew up singing with his brothers, one of who has charted as a musician in France. Ricky gigged throughout high school, and now that he’s graduated, he’s put college on hold for a year to try to make it. He’s been performing in subway stations in New York City. His audition song was “Love Me Again.”

Taylor Phelan – Taylor’s musical career started in church and grew from there. He played in church bands all over Texas and then moved to Chicago to start his secular career. His band had some success and went on two national tours; but when his wife became pregnant, the band broke up, and he moved back to Texas to raise his daughter. His audition song was “Sweater Weather.”

Toia Jones – Toia discovered her natural singing ability in church. Her mom says that before she could talk she was trying to sing. Five years ago, she started her band, so she’s fortunate to make a living as a full-time musician but feels that she hasn’t reached her potential yet. Her audition song was “One and Only.”

It’s your chance to chime in about Team Pharrell. Take our poll below.

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